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Customer satisfaction surveys

Get truly satisfied customers when you start really listening to their needs. Evaluate how employees interact with customers or use surveys to understand how customers want you to improve.

Customer satisfaction template
Customer service template
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template

Employee and HR surveys

A happy, productive workplace starts with an open line of communication between management and employees. Use surveys to make sure employee engagement is high and that managers are performing their duties.

Employee engagement template
Supervisor performance evaluation template
Employee exit interview template

Market research and marketing surveys

Whether you’re planning to release a product or want to get a pulse on your target market, market research surveys can help you understand consumers.

Market research product template
Market research service template
Target market analysis template

Public opinion and political surveys

Get truly satisfied customers when you start really listening to their needs. Evaluate how employees interact with customers or use surveys to understand how customers want you to improve.

Community events template
Political party identification template
Environmental issues template

Healthcare and nonprofit surveys

Centralize all your patient or employee feedback in a HIPAA-compliant SurveyMonkey account.

Patient satisfaction template
Healthcare employee engagement template
Health insurance feedback template

Ensure donors and volunteers are satisfied with the way you’re using resources.

Donor feedback template
Nonprofit organization information template
Volunteer feedback template

Customer satisfaction surveys

Maintain a healthy academic environment with surveys designed to collect feedback from students, parents, teachers, and more.

K-12 parent feedback template
K-12 teacher feedback template
Parental support template

Get feedback on faculty performance to help improve academic outcomes.

University student satisfaction template
University faculty satisfaction template
University student graduation template

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