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Understand what motivates and engages your employees so you can improve satisfaction, performance, and retention.

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Screenshot of an employee engagement survey created using SurveyMonkey, asking the user how likely they would recommend their employer as a great place to work

With 25+ question types, hundreds of pre-written questions, and expert-written templates, you can easily create surveys to measure and understand key engagement drivers.

Spot warning signs when employees are not engaged and at risk of leaving the organization so you can take action before it’s too late. SurveyMonkey helps you quickly assess key insights and data trends, and uses AI to uncover sentiments in real time.

Screenshot of various survey questions formatted as Likert scales, asking employees about if they feel they have what they need to do their job well
Screenshot of a line graph show results of an employee engagement survey created in SurveyMonkey

Build custom reports and dashboards, or integrate your surveys with popular tools like Google Sheets, Tableau, and others so you can easily monitor and track engagement over time.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey employee engagement survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey employee satisfaction template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey employee motivation survey template
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey work-life balance survey template