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SurveyMonkey Together

How we’re making a difference through social impact.

SurveyMonkey Together is how we put our values into action through philanthropic and community-minded commitments. At its heart is our belief that together we can drive real progress for equity, sustainability, and social justice. We want to help improve the world we currently live in and build a better future for everyone.

We’re invested in amplifying individual voices, particularly those that have historically been silenced. We aim to empower communities, increase diversity, and create more opportunities for people to thrive. With SurveyMonkey Together, we’re acting on our beliefs to spark meaningful change.

Antoine Andrews

"Social Impact, diversity, and sustainability are words we all use to explain or define justice, access, and equity. I'm proud that SurveyMonkey Together is committed to creating one approach that requires us to view our efforts through these multiple lenses. The world needs us to have as many vantage points as possible because creating a just and equitable world depends on it."

Antoine Andrews (he, him), Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer

In our materiality assessment, we survey our employees, customers, executives, and more to determine what causes are most important to us as a company. Below are the issues that resonate with our stakeholders.

Protecting our customers’ and employees’ personally identifiable information and securing our networks and data in a quickly evolving technological landscape

Ethically furthering our business, including responsible technology development (machine learning & AI) and investing in our social impact governance and community engagement

Mindfully approaching customer experience and developing unbiased research so our product innovations can support a wide spectrum of human perspectives, abilities, and backgrounds

Considering the experience of the employee and their professional growth, total rewards, pay equity, mental health, and retention

Attracting, growing, and retaining a diverse workforce, while creating an inclusive culture and investing in our supplier diversity initiative

Accounting for our total corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprint and responsibly measuring, tracking, and reducing our emissions

Learn more about our commitments and values in our 2023 Social Impact Report. For more data, see our 2022 Social Impact Report, 2021 Social Impact Report, 2020 Social Impact Report, and 2020 update.

Our goal is to continually improve how we show up for our communities and the environment. Our efforts are centered around 3 pillars that we believe are imperative for a better world.

School supplies

Tech companies like ours need to invest in future leaders. All students deserve access to educational programs and resources that will empower them to learn and grow. We pledge to expand opportunities for low-income and underserved early education and secondary students by supporting programs that provide high-value, equitable education.

Marginalized communities need meaningful access to employment pipelines, mentorship, and career development opportunities. We want to help dismantle inequitable systems, and ensure that everyone has what they need to succeed.

Three employees
SurveyMonkey mug filled with compostable kitchen utensils

It’s up to us to minimize our organizational and individual impact on the environment. From our real estate and supply chain to our travel decisions, we’re committed to monitoring our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.

We’re proud of our legacy of corporate philanthropy and the continued impact of our programs, partnerships, and strategic giving initiatives.

SurveyMonkey Contribute has raised more than $16 million for causes like social justice, animal welfare, education, and more. For every survey respondents complete, we donate 50 cents to the nonprofit of their choice.

The Listen4Good program helps nonprofits build high-quality feedback loops with clients, make strategic decisions, deliver services, and partner more closely with the communities they serve.

Our surveys connect Pledge 1% companies with resources that will help them donate time, equity, product, and profit. We’ve taken our own pledge to give back, and are proud to promote corporate philanthropy.

in product discounts to nonprofits and donations through 2022

raised via SurveyMonkey Contribute through 2022

employee-matched contributions to 170+ nonprofits worldwide

employee volunteer hours through 2022

Antoine Andrews

“At SurveyMonkey, we’re positioned at the intersection of people and data. Our ability to not only capture experiential data, but our expertise in uncovering the stories that data holds, make us a unique force for systemic transformation around the world.”

Jaime Barclay

"Our social impact directly addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion. By aligning our people, profit, and product with our uniquely data-driven approach to social impact, we can break down social and racial inequities in society.”

Saili Willis

"It’s energizing to know that working at SurveyMonkey gives me opportunities to effect change and to empower others to do the same. I feel encouraged to think creatively and with curiosity, and feel I have the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the future.”

Three employees holding tablets

At SurveyMonkey, we believe in doing everything in our power to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable world. As a company and as a community, meeting our DEI goals is just as important as meeting our financial goals.

From our recruiting strategy and product philosophy to our partnerships and strategic giving, we work hard to ensure that DEI is embedded in everything we do. We aim to be tech’s most inclusive workplace and to demonstrate exactly how companies can be a force for good. Our goals are big, and we know our work will never be done, but we have confidence that together we can shape a better future for everyone.