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How Students, Teachers and Administrators Make the Grade

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Whether you need to understand the factors that shape faculty satisfaction, or feedback from students on a new course offering, an online survey can reveal data that will improve programs, processes, and overall achievement. Parents, students, teachers, professors, and administrators can all benefit from professional education surveys.

How Can Educational Professionals Use Online Educational Surveys?

From faculty effectiveness to athletic programs to attitudes of parents and students, there are many ways teachers, faculty, and administrators can use online surveys to understand how your educational system measures up. Here are a few ideas.

  • Assess family/school relationships. Principals, superintendents, and school boards can use surveys to learn more about the aspects of family/school relationships that drive student outcomes. SurveyMonkey partnered with the Harvard School of Education to create a survey that fills this very need. Learn more about this K-12 Parent Survey, and take a look at our parental support template.
  • Educational outcomes. Not only are student surveys a great way for learners to reflect on their learning, but they’re also an effective way to measure student achievement. Sending out a student survey can help educators improve programs and address deficiencies, while students can gain valuable insights on their learning processes.
  • Public school survey. Parents, staff, and in many cases, students, participate in public school surveys. From funding, to safety, communications, school board performance, and more, considers using the public school survey template to get valuable insights into the health of your school district.
  • Preschool parent survey. Do parents feel their young learners’ needs are being met? Is their child’s preschool experience is positive; does their child feel welcome; is the preschool staff’s experience and training adequate? These questions are likely to show up in a preschool survey.
  • School climate survey. How high does your school score on motivating your child? Does your school value diversity? Do teachers respect your child? Do administrators at your child’s school create a healthy and supportive learning environment? Find these questions and more by checking out the school climate survey template. Is the school academically challenging for students?
  • Evaluate online learning programs. As new technologies emerge, what tools do students need to succeed in the web-based classroom? What factors are vital to effective course design and high quality instruction in an online setting? What, if anything, do students feel they miss out on by not attending class in an on-ground or brick-and-mortar classroom? Send out an online survey to find out.
  • University student satisfaction. What essential components make up student satisfaction? Some questions could include: How effective is the teaching within your major/outside your major at this university? How helpful is your academic advisor? How easy is it to get what you need from the university library system? Use our university student satisfaction template to get the answers you need.
  • Course evaluation feedback. Did the course support your students’ educational goals? You might want to assess learners’ opinions on instructor performance (expertise, delivery, ability to address varying levels of ability), course material (textbooks, course readers, interactive presentations), and resource/tool effectiveness (online forums, course management software).
  • Student survey. Collect feedback from students themselves. Do students feel that they are respected and treated fairly? Are teachers, coaches, nurses, and other staff supportive? Are classmates kind and well-mannered? Does bullying exist in their school? Take a look at our student bullying survey as well as our high school sports survey for examples.
  • Teacher surveys. Take a closer look at how staff and teachers view their workplace. Are teachers in your elementary school happy with their working conditions, colleagues, processes, and facilities? Send a teacher questionnaire to get feedback from the staff.
  • Curriculum planning, special trips, school performances. Teachers could use a survey for curriculum planning, course evaluations, or to gauge interest in special topics. They could also send out an online survey to coordinate field trips, fundraisers, school performances, events and more. Which parents can help with chaperoning and carpooling? Are others interested in yard duty?
  • Faculty satisfaction. . What do talented and diverse faculty members look for? What are the building blocks of a rich and diverse community of scholarship, according to your faculty? What current challenges does faculty face in your college or university? Get started with a faculty satisfaction survey template.

SurveyMonkey Educational Survey Samples and Templates

  • University Student Satisfaction Template
    Gather information from university students with this 10-question student satisfaction survey template. It includes questions about the quality of teaching, ease of registration, campus safety, and the convenience and availability of facilities.
  • Public School Survey Template
    This public school survey template gets insights from parents and others about the public school systems in their area. It includes questions about perceptions of the school district, volunteering availability, and how the school system can be improved.
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Pre K-12 Parent Survey Template
    A robust, 80-question survey, this template focuses on parents’ thoughts, feelings, and impressions around their experience with their child’s school. It includes questions about the parents’ roles and beliefs, the child’s interactions at school, perceptions of the school environment, and demographics.
  • Bullying Survey Template
    Get insight into bullying at your school with this quick, 10-question bullying survey template. It includes questions about the types, severity, and frequency of bullying that can occur at public or private schools.
  • High School Sports Student Feedback Template
    This one-page high school sports feedback template asks student athletes about their experiences with teachers, parents, and coaches in relation to their sports participation.
  • University Faculty Satisfaction Survey Template
    Use this faculty satisfaction survey template to ask university faculty about the leadership, interactions, administration, and general job satisfaction at their university. It’s a quick, 10-question survey.
  • University Student Graduation Template
    Hear from students about their experience at the university with this 10-question student graduation template. You’ll get insight about expected graduation dates, as well as overall impressions on the teaching quality, facilities, and future goals.

3 Tips for Getting Started

  1. Keep it short and focused. Make sure each question brings you closer to your goal. Be mindful of survey takers’ time, and word the questions clearly. A good rule of thumb is your survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.
  2. Pre-test your survey. It’s a good idea to pre-test your survey with a few members of your intended audience. You might uncover inconsistencies or unexpected question interpretations.
  3. Keep rating scale questions consistent. If you’re using rating scales, use the same points system throughout your survey. If 1 means “extremely satisfied” and 5 means “extremely dissatisfied,” maintain this scale for all questions.

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