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RSVP and contact information survey

Collect RSVPs for an event you're hosting or simply gather people’s contact information.

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Do you need to collect RSVPs for an event you’re hosting or just want to gather people’s contact information? Our expert-certified RSVP and contact information template asks essential questions to help you stay organized and in touch.

Whether you’re planning a personal social event or a business event, you can use this contact form design to collect invitees’ names and addresses—ensuring they receive their invitations. Because SurveyMonkey form templates are flexible, you can ask the invitee’s first/last name, address, phone number, and more.

Build online contact forms for collecting registrations and payments with Wufoo.

You can even customize this expert-written survey if there are additional details you’d like included for your RSVP records. Organize the information you collect for a seamless way to store and update people’s essential contact information for any purpose.

Here are some ways you can use our contact information template:

  • Get people to register for an event and take a headcount of signups
  • Reach out to or follow up with customers, employees, or family
  • Ask event guests and attendees for updated contact information like mailing addresses and phone numbers
  • Use the same RSVP list to send thank-you notes
  • Turn it into an emergency contact information form
  • Use it as a form template for adding new contacts into your address book
  • Create an order form for employees to order company swag

To create a survey using the RSVP and Contact Information survey template, just sign up for a SurveyMonkey plan or log in to your existing account. You’ll be able to choose this template—or any other event planning survey—when you begin creating a survey.

Staying connected with employees is a critical part of nurturing a productive, engaged, and inclusive workforce. With the data you collect via an RSVP and contact information survey, you can stay informed about how to contact your team and ensure they have what they need to feel supported. 

For instance, you could send fun swag or helpful resources to your Employee Resource Groups. Or, you could mail out books to your employee book club, send follow-up details to team members who RSVP'd to a company training, or coordinate the distribution of office equipment for remote work. 

And when it comes to remote work, particularly the processes set up in response to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to gather employee information and regularly verify that it’s accurate and up to date. During the coronavirus pandemic, workers may have moved, updated their phone numbers, or realized that they are lacking specific policies or resources to effectively work from home. Using forms to check in about employees’ current contact information, and even job satisfaction, will not only allow you to maintain a pulse on your team’s needs, it will also help you uncover how to take meaningful action to support them. 

For most businesses, collecting employee emergency contact information is standard procedure. Using online forms makes gathering these important details simpler, safer, and more efficient. Plus, there are plenty of survey features that streamline the process:

  • Email invitations: You already have the company email addresses of your employees, so it’s easy to send everyone customized email invitations for your employee emergency contact information form. You can then send follow-up reminders, track who responded, and monitor email analytics. When employees complete the form, send a thank-you email. 
  • Easy-to-understand question types: When asking for information that could potentially be used in the event of an emergency, it’s important for the respondent experience to be clear and straightforward. Customize your contact information form with familiar questions and question types—like, say, dropdowns that ask employees which office they’re affiliated with or how they’re related to their emergency contact.
  • Simple data export options: Sometimes you may need to work with emergency contact information offline or within other programs. When that’s the case, you can choose from several export formats, based on what’s right for you.

The beauty of employee surveys—like an employee emergency contact information form or even an employee benefits survey— is that they allow you to seamlessly gather the information you need to effectively support your team. They can also integrate with policies or requirements that you already have in place. For example, companies that collect and handle health information may have to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). HIPAA-compliant features are a key part of SurveyMonkey Enterprise, and allow you to collect the data you need, with the security measures you require. (Contact us for more information on plans that include HIPAA compliance.)

From sales leads to brand insights, customers and potential customers can provide a wealth of valuable information for your business. And a contact form can be the ticket to nurturing those relationships. A strategically-placed contact form can help you:

  • Open a line of communication with potential customers 
  • Collect feedback that will show you how to boost customer satisfaction
  • Build and maintain a strong, segmented mailing list
  • Improve customer service by directing specific contact requests to the appropriate department at your company
  • Understand which customer segments are more likely to reach out, have questions, or want additional information

With some thoughtful contact form design, potential customers are more likely to become loyal customers. This includes things like adding a call to action, linking to useful resources like blog posts or help center articles, avoiding unnecessary form fields, and redirecting to a thank you page. 

Let’s say that you recently surveyed potential customers to understand consumer behavior, and gained some interesting insights into different behavioral segments of your audience. This might lead you to build a campaign based around specific targeted messaging—and use your contact form design to support your efforts. By customizing your form template with a few questions that will uncover your new contact’s needs and motivations, you can follow up with messaging that will speak to them. You could also use your contact form to reach out to customers in a particular segment to ask for feedback about new products, reviews, or referrals.  

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