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Screenshot of SurveyMonkey recruitment satisfaction survey template, next to word cloud showing words like "Great" and "helpful"

Recruit smarter by using surveys to collect feedback so you can deliver better experiences that attract the right talent. Easily create surveys in minutes, and share them with job prospects wherever they are in the hiring process.

Create better onboarding experiences based on employee feedback, and use quizzes to help reinforce workplace training. As new employees get up to speed, continue to provide support by scheduling check-in surveys to monitor and track onboarding effectiveness.

Two people looking at a tablet, next to a screenshot of SurveyMonkey new hire onboarding survey template
Smiling man next to screenshot of SurveyMonkey 360-degree employee evaluation survey template

Create 360-degree review processes, improve learning and development programs, and track progress to identify top performers and teams that need additional resources and training.

Measure employee engagement, and ensure all teams are aligned with the organization’s purpose and mission to maximize productivity. Use exit surveys to find out why employees are leaving so you can take steps to minimize attrition.

Screenshots of graphs showing employee engagement and job satisfaction survey results with upward trends
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Uncover insights to boost employee engagement, happiness, and productivity.

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Get feedback on employee behaviors so you can support growth and development.

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Measure satisfaction across different areas, including job responsibilities, growth opportunities, work-life balance, and more.

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Get candid feedback from exiting employees and valuable insights to retain talent and reduce attrition at your company.

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Gather actionable insights from candidates on the application and recruitment process.

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Collect new employee feedback to help you improve the onboarding process for future hires.

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Learn how your employees view the benefits your organization offers.

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Collect important applicant information in one place—including contact information, resume, and more.

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Help new employees cement their onboarding knowledge with a simple quiz.