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Whether you want to improve employee engagement, measure job satisfaction, get feedback on benefits, or do performance evaluations, our expert templates make it easy to get started. And our powerful analytics help you spot trends, create charts, export professional reports, and hone your company’s purpose.

If you want to recruit and retain the best talent possible, employee surveys can play a big part by helping you understand the impact of existing policies and identify areas for improvement. Whether you’re interested in motivating and engaging employees, broadcasting recognition, offering competitive benefits, or measuring everyone’s performance, HR surveys can help. With employee feedback and survey results in hand, you’ll be able to see what’s working, what’s not, and track improvements over time.

You’ll make better decisions, improve organizational health, and have a happier workplace when you listen to your employees. Identifying areas of improvement can improve retention, too. Designed by professional survey methodologists, SurveyMonkey’s workplace, employee, and training templates can help you get started fast. You can use our surveys as they are or customize them to ask more specific questions about your team. You can also keep your online questionnaires on brand by inserting your logo and choosing company colors.

Here are some ways business owners, HR directors, managers, training & development professionals, and human capital specialists take the pulse of their employees:

Evaluate employees based on feedback from supervisors, peers, and subordinates. This type of feedback is focused on employee assessment from multiple perspectives.

What courses, continuing education, or otherwise, do your employees need to meet their objectives? What do employees think of your company’s job training and development program? Do employees feel like this is a workplace that nurtures their career goals and ambitions? See more ways we can help evaluate the effectiveness of training and teambuilding events with event planning and feedback questionnaires.

Building a workplace culture that prioritizes belonging and inclusion is the best way to attract diverse and talented people, create a sustainable workforce, and—most importantly—make employees feel supported. SurveyMonkey’s inclusion and belonging survey template can help you understand what you’re doing well and where there’s room for growth.

Do employees feel that they are adequately compensated? Does the benefits package match the needs of the staff? Are there perks and benefits they would like to see? Do employees feel that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated? Stay competitive by polling your employees.

How would employees rate their job performance and satisfaction? Have they met the goals set at the beginning of the quarter or year? Were the goals set for them reasonable and attainable? Ask employees to evaluate themselves and give examples of what’s working and what’s not.

Do employees find their jobs and responsibilities to be rewarding? Do they feel challenged and do they still enjoy coming into the office every day? Is there another role that might allow for more fulfillment or better learning potential? Keep morale high by making job satisfaction a priority.

How would employees rate your company and the work environment? Do employees feel stressed out by deadlines? Are employees happy with the direction of the company? Do employees feel engaged with their job and the company? Is there an adequate work life balance? Uncover the secrets to a happier, more productive workforce.

What do employees think of various human resource issues? Do employees feel good about workplace safety and company ethics? Are employees satisfied with their coworkers? How do they react to the new policies HR just published? The best way to head off a PR or social media problem is to understand how employees feel before they go public about their grievances.

Across departments, what are the employees’ opinions on management? Do supervisors and managers communicate expectations with their direct reports? Are the goals and vision of the company clear to all employees, across teams, departments, and geographies?

Are there any insights from departing workers that might help improve the onboarding experience and overall employee satisfaction for future efforts? Find out why people leave and what you can do to keep others in the fold.

What do your employees think of the quarterly all-hands meeting? Or Happy Hour Thursdays? Do people want to attend more events? What about an offsite to Las Vegas or Honolulu? Send out an event survey to make the next event or meeting even better.

As a deeper measure of employee satisfaction, engagement surveys look at every aspect of an employee’s experience to see what’s motivating them and what keeps them from digging in. The result is actionable insights that lead to a more productive workplace.

Compare departments against each other and look at results over time. If, for example, 80% of employees are satisfied in one department, but 90% are satisfied elsewhere, you’ll know where to focus your attention. Similarly, watching satisfaction rise or fall over time, is a great way to measure your ongoing efforts. The key to getting a good benchmark is using the same survey questions each time with each group.

With SurveyMonkey’s skip logic feature, you can and send out one employee survey yet receive responses in any of the languages in which it operates. This way, you’ll get more accurate responses across your whole organization.

Make the most of your time by leveraging SurveyMonkey’s methodologist-certified human resources survey and employee survey templates. You’ll be able to create your online survey in a matter of minutes on a wide variety of topics such as employee satisfaction, 360 assessment, recruitment and more. SurveyMonkey also gives you access to the survey tools you need to easily deploy and analyze your HR survey—empowering you to make smarter decisions. And we take survey security seriously, so rest assured knowing your data and insights are safe with us.

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