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Explore our questionnaire and survey template directory

Are you wondering how to get started on a survey and need a little guidance on the right questions to use? Use SurveyMonkey’s pre-built survey templates and you can be ready to collect data in minutes. You can also gain inspiration from our sample surveys, apply that knowledge to your own survey questions, and discover new topics and issues to support your research. All survey template questions are methodologist certified and can be customized to fit your survey needs.

Each of these templates include a series of questions that are applicable for a variety of target audiences, from your customers and target market to your employees. They allow you to hear from the people who matter most, while relying on questions that were expertly crafted to help you dig into their opinions, perspectives, and experiences. With templates tailored for brand awareness, customer comments, event feedback, and more, you can enhance how you and your organization get new, game-changing insights. 

With our questionnaire and survey templates, you can:

  • Save time: While you can always customize as needed, our survey templates are pre-built and ready to send. Collect fast, reliable data and start taking action immediately.  
  • Pave the way for high-quality responses: Our survey methodologists designed these templates around survey best practices, so you can increase your chances of collecting valuable responses. 
  • Improve the respondent experience: To ensure the success of your survey, it’s vital for respondents to be able to easily move through and complete your questions. Every template includes survey questions that are crafted to be clear, ideally formatted, and unbiased to ensure a smooth respondent experience.
  • Increase your response rate: With the example questions in our online surveys, you can discover new ways to connect with your respondents, explore new avenues of research, and collect in-depth and complete data. 

Get all these templates and more when you upgrade to a paid plan.

It’s important to not only ask the right questions in your online survey, but to use the right question types for your needs. (And there are a lot to choose from—we offer question types such as check boxes, open-ended questions, close-ended questions, dropdowns, and more.) Then there are the survey features that enhance your questions and help you truly engage your respondents. When everything comes together with thoughtful survey design, you're that much closer to fulfilling your survey goals. 

Our survey templates can help you make it all happen and collect all kinds of feedback from a wide variety of audiences. Here are some ideas for how to use them, based on your goals and who you want to hear from:

HR: When aligning around issues like employee engagement, benefits and perks, and inclusion and belonging, it can be vital for HR professionals to ask employees about their demographics—and to do so in the right way. That means using inclusive language, which you’re guaranteed to find in our templates and the SurveyMonkey question bank. You can also take advantage of survey features such as anonymous responses, which may help employees feel more comfortable about sharing personal information.  

Customer satisfaction: For customer satisfaction surveys, one of the best moves you can make is to use open-ended questions to collect respondents’ feedback in their own words. The exception to this is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, which collects valuable data with just one closed-ended question. Looking for ways to turn potential customers into satisfied customers? You may want to explore new avenues to engage them and promote your business, like social media outreach.

Market research: Because market research surveys are all about helping you get a better understanding of your target audience, be sure to treat your respondents’ time and participation with respect. It’s best practice to make sure the series of questions they encounter is short and relevant. You can guarantee both by building skip logic into your survey template to create a custom path for every respondent and get better, more reliable results.   

Education: One of the best ways to improve educational outcomes is by requesting honest feedback from students, parents, and educators. Education surveys should be tailored to each group, rather than the entire school community. It’s also best to use each survey to focus on a particular issue, like instructor evaluations, faculty satisfaction, or bullying. Keep in mind, many of our education templates use benchmarkable questions so you can set goals, present findings, and compare your results over time.

While it’s easy to build a survey from scratch with SurveyMonkey, you may run the risk of inadvertently making some common survey mistakes. This might include:

  • Redundant questions
  • Repetitive or inappropriate question types
  • Poorly written questions, such as leading questions, double-barreled questions, and loaded questions
  • Confusing survey design

Using a form template to collect information from respondents is a simple way to avoid these missteps and more. This can be especially helpful if you’re new to creating surveys and unsure whether you’d spot survey mistakes on your own. 

For example, a leading question’s bias, opinion, or non-neutral language can be as subtle as an unnecessary adjective. Consider a post-event feedback survey that asks  “How likely is it that you would recommend this popular webinar to a colleague?” The extra adjective “popular” might seem harmless—or even factually accurate, if your webinar’s spots were filled up fast—but it can influence how a respondent answers. In comparison, the question that is automatically supplied in our post-event feedback template only uses neutral language: “How likely is it that you would recommend the event to a friend or colleague?”

With survey templates, you can send surveys with confidence, knowing that the questions are worded, formatted, and designed to get you better results. No matter your audience or objectives, that gives you a solid foundation for every survey project. From there, you can always use a template’s expert-certified questions to guide you as you build your own survey or develop additional questions. 

Want to go beyond our certified templates and build your surveys with step-by-step guidance? Give SurveyMonkey Genius a try.

SurveyMonkey is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500 to deliver the kind of data that will drive businesses forward. We offer more than 150 customizable templates spanning a vast array of topics, industries, and audiences. Our pre-made questions were written to reduce bias, improve the respondent experience, and help you quickly meet your survey goals. Whether you’re new to online surveys or a seasoned pro, our templates can help ensure a successful survey project and inspire new research.

360 degree FeedbackAirline Passenger Feedback
Mobile Apps surveyAutomobile Buyer Feedback
Automobile Information TemplateBefore They Were Famous Survey
Blogging FeedbackBrand Awareness Survey
Business to Business SurveyBusiness Travel Form
Cable & Satellite FeedbackCAHPS Survey Template
CAHPS Dental Plan SurveyCAHPS Health Plan Survey 4.0
CAHPS Visit SurveyCelebrity Endorsements Form
Child Behaviors SurveyChild Email Usage Survey
Child Facebook Usage SurveyChild Internet Usage Survey
Child Myspace Usage SurveyChild Online Behavior Survey
Commuting SurveyCorporate Social Media Survey
Customer Comments FeedbackCustomer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Service FeedbackCustomer Support Feedback
Department Performance PollDiet & Exercise Survey
Do You Have Health Insurance?Donor Feedback
DVD Rental FeedbackEducation Demographics Survey
Employee Benefits SurveyEmployee Exit Survey
Employee Performance Review TemplateEmployee Satisfaction Survey
Employment FeedbackEndurance Event Feedback
Entertainment Event FeedbackEnvironmental Issues Poll
Event Planning QuestionnaireFacebook Profile Questionnaire
Facebook Survey TemplateFavorite Celebrities Poll
Favorite Social Network SurveyFirmographics Survey
Fundraising FeedbackGeneral Event Feedback
General Internet UsageHair Care Products Feedback
Pre K-12 Parent Survey TemplateHCAHPS Survey Template
Health Insurance EvaluationHealthcare Expenses Feedback
Height & Weight SurveyHigh School Sports – Student Feedback
Home Buyer FeedbackHospital Performance Evaluation
Hotel FeedbackHousehold Budget Poll
Insurance Agent EvaluationInsurance Customer Feedback
Insurance Expenses FeedbackInternet Relationships Poll
K-12 Parent Survey TemplateK-12 Teacher Feedback
Landline Phone FeedbackLanguage Proficiency Questionnaire
Learning Support FeedbackMakeup Products Feedback
Management PerformanceMarket Research – Product Feedback
Market Research – Service FeedbackMarket Research Template
Media Usage SurveyMovie and TV Viewing Habit Surveys
Movie Viewing SurveyMusic Listening Survey
Name that Novel QuestionnaireNeighborhood Events Survey
Neighborhood FeedbackNet Promoter Score Questionnaire Template
Non-profit Organization Information TemplateNPS and Brand Loyalty Survey
Dating SurveyEmployee Recruitment Template
Fashion Community SurveyFriendships Survey
Interest Sharing PollMusic Streaming Poll
Photo Sharing PollProfessional Networking Survey
Shopping Attitudes SurveyOnline Social Networking Survey
Online Storage SurveyOnline Video Viewing Survey
Parent Engagement SurveyParent Roles and Responsibilities Survey
Parent Self-Efficacy SurveyParental Support Survey
Past and Predicted Donations SurveyPersonal Hygiene Questionnaire
Pet Care Expenses FeedbackPet Training Survey
Physician Performance EvaluationPinterest Survey
Post-event FeedbackProfessional Event Feedback
Race & Hispanic Origin QuestionnaireReal Estate Agent Evaluation
Recruitment Satisfaction SurveyRetail Customer Feedback
RSVP and Contact Information FormSchool Climate Survey
School Program Fit QuestionnaireSHRM Employee Engagement Template
Skin Care Products FeedbackSmoking Survey
Social Support SurveySoftware Evaluation
Supervisor Performance EvaluationTarget Market Analysis Questionnaire
Target Market Demographics QuestionnaireTeam Performance Survey
TV Viewing SurveyTwitter Survey
Typical Customer Analysis SurveyTypical Customer Demographics Survey
U.S. Demographics – Snapshot PollU.S. Demographics Poll
U.S. Government Support Programs FeedbackU.S. Military Service Survey
U.S. Political Identification QuestionnaireU.S. Political Knowledge Questionnaire
U.S. Political News & Information PollU.S. Presidential Approval – Snapshot Poll
U.S. Presidential Approval PollU.S. Voter Registration Survey
U.S. Voting History SurveyUniversity Faculty Satisfaction Survey
University Instructor EvaluationUniversity Student Graduation Form
University Student Satisfaction SurveyUniversity Teaching Assistant Evaluation
Vacation Travel FeedbackVeterinarian Office Staff Evaluation
Veterinarian Patient Intake – Long FormVeterinarian Patient Intake – Short Form
Veterinarian Performance EvaluationVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Survey
Volunteer FeedbackWebsite Feedback
Which Politician Said…You in 12 Months Questionnaire
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