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Drive brand awareness and stay ahead of market trends with real-time insights from SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker.

Top brands use SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker to stay ahead of the competition.

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Keep a pulse on brand awareness and reputation, and uncover what impacts perception.

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Measure the impact of marketing and ad campaigns pre- and post-launch.

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Find new entrants in your market. Benchmark your brand against competitors.

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Save time on manual analysis with our machine-learning models that dig through your data and uncover the demographics and sentiments driving shifts in key metrics.

Track your brand at your preferred cadence: weekly, monthly, or less frequently. Reach 175M+ respondents from 130 countries and leverage built-in templates or customize your tracker.

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  • Filter by demographics, geography, or custom questions.
  • Get tailored visualizations for brand conversion funnels.
  • Control the narrative and easily share results with your team using drag-and-drop dashboards.

Our team of research experts can help you customize your brand tracker according to industry-proven methodology.

We’ll help you capture the right:

  • Markets
  • Demographics
  • Competitive set
  • Metrics
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“Doing brand and product research with SurveyMonkey helps us identify new opportunity areas, like categories or countries that we might consider expanding into.”

Julie Channing, VP Marketing, Allbirds

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Fill out the details. We’ll contact you to:

  • Walk through a full product demo
  • Get support from our research experts
  • Scope a custom project

Take the first step to enhance your brand performance, identify key metrics, and improve ROI.

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Learn best practices for running successful brand and advertising campaigns.

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Find out how Elephant Insurance used a weekly brand tracker to improve ROI.

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Learn how taking a stand on social issues can impact your brand.

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Keep pace with your markets and customers with our flexible solutions.