Discover powerful survey data and API integrations that put feedback right where you need it.

Explore how automated integration of survey data from customers, employees, and your markets can give your apps—and your business—a boost.

  • Connect survey results with existing customer data using our integration for Salesforce, Hubspot or other CRM, to create a holistic customer view.
  • Map survey responses to segments and act on critical customer feedback.
  • Track and measure customer happiness by automatically triggering surveys from your CRM at key milestones in the customer journey.
  • Automate win-loss surveys, trigger post-case surveys to collect instant feedback, and create alerts so teams can take action, fast.

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Screenshot of SurveyMonkey integration next to logos of Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Mailchimp
Screenshot of Marketo field mapping integration with SurveyMonkey
  • Better understand your prospects by integrating survey data in Marketo or HubSpot to enrich leads.
  • Improve lead quality by scoring and segmenting leads based on survey responses, and use that segmentation to create more personalized campaigns.
  • Build stronger customer relationships that will lead to increased conversions and sales—and a more loyal, valuable customer base.

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  • Use Microsoft Teams to create surveys, invite comments, and keep feedback in one place.
  • Create tasks in a project directly from your survey results.
  • Make sure that insights make an impact, company wide, by sharing survey results with teams.
  • Drive more productive meetings and capture in-the-moment feedback directly within the Zoom and Microsoft apps.
  • Launch surveys and polls easily during meetings to capture and act on real-time insights.

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Screenshot of results from a Microsoft Teams survey sent out using SurveyMonkey
Screenshot of analytics from a survey, next to icons of Tableau, HubSpot, Excel, Google Sheets
  • Import survey responses into your favorite analytics tool, like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, to visualize data, track feedback, and surface trends.
  • Create charts and reports that let you share data with the rest of your team.
  • Get more context around collected data by seeing survey data in reporting apps.

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  • Create custom, automated workflows with integrated survey feedback using the Power Automate connector or Zapier integration.
  • Replace repetitive, manual processes, save time, and accelerate critical business decisions by integrating survey feedback at scale for a wide range of use cases—from proactively following up with unhappy customers to sharing product feedback with the right teams.
  • Flow feedback data into other tools to embed deeper insights and fuel faster and more effective action.

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Screenshot of exporting survey data into Excel, with icons of Excel and Goldie
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey developer app creation page

Don’t see what you are looking for? We have open APIs that allow you to build custom data integrations that fit right into your workflows.

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It’s easy to sync survey feedback with your favorite tools or discover new ways to drive better business outcomes.

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