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Turn your survey results into action

The analysis tools in SurveyMonkey help you collect, share, and act on survey data to drive growth in your organization.

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Not sure what to do with your survey results once they come in? Our plans include powerful tools that help you automatically summarize results, dig deeper into your data, and present findings in beautiful formats.

Our top analysis features will help you get deeper insights:

Results summary

Automatic charts and summaries provide quick insight into overall results.

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Filter results

Filter respondents by answer, collector, time, and other variables.

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Crosstab reports*

Compare multiple questions and answers in one easy-to-share report.

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Combined filters*

Narrow down results by how respondents answered multiple questions.

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Sentiment analysis*

Automatically analyze open-ended responses as positive, neutral, or negative.

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SurveyMonkey benchmarks

Compare your responses to a global audience and see where you stand.

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Analyze your data right in SurveyMonkey and create reports that help you visualize the results—perfectly ready to share with stakeholders.

  1. Explore your automatic charts and graphs to help you understand the data.
  2. Customize survey charts types and tables with colors and labels.
  3. Generate a word cloud with frequently used words in your open-ended responses.
  4. Design a customizable dashboard to present your survey results visually.
  5. Share results in any popular format such CSV, XLS, PDF, or PPT.


Learn how to gauge your overall NPS ® Score in SurveyMonkey Analyze to see where your Detractors and Promoters are.

Uncover what’s inside your survey results

*Available on some paid plans