Build and customize your own high quality surveys and forms in minutes. Invite your team to collaborate, too.

Easily spin up surveys—whether you’re a beginner or an expert—with SurveyMonkey Genius, our advanced AI based on 20+ years of data and expert methodology.

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Build beautiful surveys in a snap. And make sure everyone on your team can send on-brand surveys with shared custom themes.

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Pick fonts, colors, logos, custom URLS, and styles that speak to people and your brand with our easy-to-use theme designer.

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Easily use custom variables to embed names or customize questions and make them unique for each respondent.


Ask one question at a time, make questions feel more like a conversation, or create surveys that feel familiar.

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SurveyMonkey Genius utilizes AI to analyze 25M+ questions and is backed by expert best practices to guide you through the entire survey creation process, one step at a time—and to make sure every survey you create is optimized before you send it out.

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Uncover the right data with features that spotlight survey question biases and logic errors.


Know what type of questions to ask and how to ask them to get the data you need.


Check out your survey’s score before you hit send to make sure it’s easy for people to complete.

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Set up your surveys so they generate more precise and granular feedback. Explore the key features that make it all possible.

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Choose from slider, star rating, multiple choice, matrices, and more question types. And even randomize your questions and answer choices to minimize biases.


Send people down unique survey journeys to collect nuanced and segmented feedback with branching, logic, and conditional questions.


Gain better insights with question and answer piping flows that carry forward previous answers into next questions.

Start with expert-built templates and questions to create surveys on your own or with your team all from one place.


Customize any of our expert templates or start from a blank canvas to get the exact answers you need.

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Add expert-written questions from our libraries to any survey and benchmark your results against others.

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Work smarter and find answers together. Create, edit, and review surveys with your team all from SurveyMonkey.


Get an individual plan with features that you need, or create a team instead.

Start creating surveys of your own.

Get the right insights with surveys.

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