Customize the look and feel of your survey

Make surveys personal and stay true to your brand.

With SurveyMonkey, you can tailor surveys with background images, themes, and more to reflect your brand and personality—and improve the experience for survey takers.

When surveys match your website, emails, and brand identity, survey takers get a seamless, more engaging experience and are more likely to complete your survey.

And you can choose from 11 prepackaged themes with beautiful fonts, modern looks, and mobile-responsive designs. Themes fit any survey, whether you’re measuring customer satisfaction or planning a dinner party, and they make changing the look and feel of your surveys even easier.

Here are a few ways to customize a survey:

  • Choose a theme or add a background image to your survey
  • Brand your survey with your company logo
  • Access a number of beautiful, modern fonts
  • Create the survey in the same languages as your site
  • Create a custom thank you page for the end of your survey and send people to your site

Note: Customization features, including some features for themes, will vary by plan.

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