Questionnaire examples and sample templates

Do you want to write a survey questionnaire, but need a little guidance on the right questions to use? Well you’re in the right place! Our pre-written survey templates make it easy to pick through a series of questions, understand the difference between open questions and closed questions, build your survey, and start collecting data in minutes.


All our sample survey template questions are expert-certified by professional survey methodologists to make sure you ask questions the right way–and get reliable results. You can send out our templates as is, choose separate variables, add additional questions, or customize our questionnaire templates to fit your needs.

How else can a sample survey help you? Our sample survey examples—or customizable survey templates that span every use case, can allow you to overcome writer’s block and help you identify the questions you want to ask the most. Plus, by looking through an example of a survey, you’ll get a sense for the question types you can use, how you can order the questions, and the ways you can apply survey logic.

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360 degree FeedbackMakeup Products Feedback
Airline Passenger FeedbackManagement Performance
Before They Were Famous SurveyMarket Research—Product Feedback
Brand Awareness SurveyMarket Research—Service Feedback
Bullying SurveyMarket Research Template
Business to Business SurveyMobile Apps Survey
Business Travel FormMovie and TV Viewing Habit Surveys
CAHPS Dental Plan SurveyMovie Viewing Survey
CAHPS Health Plan Survey 4.0Music Listening Survey
CAHPS Survey TemplateNeighborhood Events Survey
CAHPS Visit SurveyNeighborhood Feedback Survey
Child Behaviors SurveyNet Promoter Score Questionnaire Template
Commuting SurveyNon-profit Organization Information Template
Customer Comments FeedbackNPS and Brand Loyalty Survey
Customer Satisfaction SurveyOnline Social Networking Survey
Customer Service FeedbackParent Engagement Survey
Customer Service SurveyParental Support Survey
Department Performance PollPersonal Hygiene Questionnaire
Diet & Exercise SurveyPost-Visit Patient Satisfaction Survey
Do You Have Health Insurance?Pre K-12 Parent Survey Template
Donor FeedbackProfessional Event Feedback
Education Demographics SurveyReal Estate Agent Evaluation
Employee Benefits SurveyRecruitment Satisfaction Survey
Employee Exit SurveyRetail Customer Feedback
Employee Performance Review TemplateRSVP and Contact Information Form
Employment FeedbackSchool Climate Survey
Endurance Event FeedbackSchool Program Fit Questionnaire
Entertainment Event FeedbackEmployee Engagement Template
Environmental Issues PollSkin Care Products Feedback
Event Planning QuestionnaireSmoking Survey
Facebook Profile QuestionnaireSocial Support Survey
Facebook Survey TemplateSoftware Evaluation
Favorite Celebrities PollSupervisor Performance Evaluation
Firmographics SurveyTarget Market Analysis Questionnaire
Fundraising FeedbackTarget Market Demographics Questionnaire
General Event FeedbackTeam Performance Survey
General Internet UsageTV Viewing Survey
HCAHPS Survey TemplateTypical Customer Analysis Survey
Health Insurance EvaluationTypical Customer Demographics Survey
Healthcare Expenses FeedbackUniversity Faculty Satisfaction Survey
Height & Weight SurveyUniversity Instructor Evaluation
High School Sports – Student FeedbackUniversity Student Graduation Form
Hospital Performance EvaluationUniversity Student Satisfaction Survey
Hotel FeedbackUniversity Teaching Assistant Evaluation
Household Budget PollU.S. Demographics Poll
Insurance Customer FeedbackU.S. Demographics – Snapshot Poll
K-12 Parent Survey TemplateU.S. Political Identification Questionnaire
K-12 Teacher FeedbackVacation Travel Feedback
Learning Support FeedbackVeterinarian Office Staff Evaluation
Volunteer FeedbackWebsite Feedback
You in 12 Months Questionnaire