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Measuring engagement holistically

Build an engagement program around employees as people.

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SurveyMonkey Engage takes you beyond the narrow view of engagement as job satisfaction or discretionary effort. Get to know the philosophy behind our method-based approach and how it makes deciphering engagement a snap.

No! It’s the 21st century. Great employees are in higher demand than ever, and you need to know what makes them tick in order to succeed. The good news? Automated engagement tools are here to make that process easy. The bad news? Few of those tools connect the data in a way that gives you the full picture of employee engagement—leaving opportunities hidden and actions difficult to discern.

Engagement is much more than job satisfaction. We help you look beyond the low-hanging fruit to uncover what really makes your employees effective. With pre-defined question modules that ask about work-life and life-life, the Engage platform can serve up information about stress levels, wellness, team psychology, and the little things like those free donuts on Friday. So go ahead, get to know your people as, well, people.

Data is only as powerful as its interpretation, and since we’re shooting for complex data, we’ll support you with straight-to-insights analysis tools made possible by Engage’s proprietary Core Factor Framework. As believers in curiosity, we empower you to explore your data visually across virtually any employee quality you can think of. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

Engage’s Core Factor Framework is a lens that groups engagement data into five simple areas of impact, spanning from the individual experience to company-wide engagement. Think of it as your x-ray glasses that neatly organize dozens of drivers so you can dive right into question-level data and advanced filtering without losing the big picture. Diagnosis? Easy.

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See how SurveyMonkey Engage empowers organizations like never before.