Employee engagement made stunningly simple

Create and retain a happy, healthy, effective workforce with SurveyMonkey Engage.


SurveyMonkey Engage is a comprehensive business solution built to help you holistically understand and improve employee engagement.

Managing your employee engagement program doesn’t have to be painful. Prebuilt surveys and automated deployments help remove the burden of program administration.

Better questions mean better data. Rooted in social science, Engage takes a whole-person approach to understanding your employees’ relationship with the workplace.

Engage methodology

Spend your time acting on data instead of analyzing it. Powerful data analysis tools help you easily identify where opportunities exist before they become problems.

It’s time to rethink employee engagement

Partner with employees

Foster a partnership with employees. With Engage, they play an active role in organizational change.


Take a whole-person approach

Build a more rewarding employment experience by understanding the many factors that affect employee happiness.

Measure and improve engagement

Don’t wait months for insights! Engage is specially designed to quickly provide actionable data and foster behaviors and improve employee engagement.

See how SurveyMonkey Engage empowers organizations like never before.