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There are many hurdles along the project lifecycle that can get in the way of successfully crossing the finish line. This toolkit will show how the power of utilizing insights can help you deliver outstanding projects on time and build a team that is excited to help you win.

Common challenges for project managers

  • Scope creep
    During the course of a project, things change. Whether it’s a task that can’t be completed or an addition that leadership wants to include.
  • Budget constraints
    When project scope changes, sometimes the budget needs to grow as well—but what if it can't?
  • Miscommunication
    It’s so easy for projects to derail due to miscommunication. What is the best way to keep everyone bought in and informed?
  • Lack of accountability
    When projects include multiple stakeholders, roles and responsibilities can get complicated.

Challenges keeping everyone on the team motivated

  • Bringing data to the table
    It can be difficult to ground conversations in data when you need to quantify project success.
  • Encouraging growth mindsets
    Holding stakeholders accountable is one of the biggest challenges, along with getting the team to take an iterative approach to projects.
  • Creating a positive team culture
    It strengthens collaboration when the team feels valued and appreciated for their efforts.
  • Fostering empathy
    Project managers have a birds eye view of what’s happening on the team and often rely on empathy to protect the team.

Our sample survey templates make it easy for you to start collecting feedback in just minutes. Explore hundreds of questions across different survey types, all designed to get you accurate results you can rely on.

Get the feedback you need to keep employees happy.

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Assess your product design, description, and features.

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Improve your product before it goes to market.

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Understand how users feel about new software.

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Find a time that best works with everyone’s schedule.

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Collect invaluable feedback from your event attendees.

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SurveyMonkey is not only easy to use, it’s the world’s leading survey platform and powerful enough to help you measure what matters.

Features to help you accomplish goals


Projects and timelines are constantly changing. Our features can help you pivot when you need to.

Integrations that make work easier


Integrate your survey data with the apps you use every day.

Or, find new ways to reach your customers, employees, and peers.

Our most popular integrations are:

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Get the support that your team needs to launch feedback programs.

Here’s how SurveyMonkey can help:

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Here are some common mistakes and best practices on how to avoid them.

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Looking for ways to improve your project management expertise or motivate your team? Here are some common mistakes:

Knowledge share whenever you can to avoid miscommunication and expectations that aren’t attainable.

Teammates can be very uncomfortable sharing feedback, but honest feedback is what will help the team improve.

Make sure to close the communication gaps between teams, upper leadership, and the company as a whole by bringing visibility to major projects.

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Want to know how other project management leaders are approaching common challenges? Check out these tips:

Make sure that it is related to issues that you are trying to measure, such as employee Net Promoter Ⓡ Score (NPS).

Use project data to set expectations for project collaborators. Level setting will also help you get buy-in from leadership.

Create a safe space for independent survey gathering and find out what your team is worried about and how it might be affecting their ability to deliver against deadlines.



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