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Secure funding for your group with sponsorship forms

Online sponsorship forms make it easier to secure funding for your group. Create them quickly with SurveyMonkey forms.

For non-profit organizations, securing funding is a never-ending process. It’s critical to find individuals and organizations who are interested in showing their support via long-term sponsorship and one-time donations to ensure the survival of their programs. The easiest, most efficient way for nonprofit groups to secure sponsorships and funding is through an online sponsorship request form.

Online sponsorship forms streamline the process of gathering information, locking in sponsors, and securing funding. An easy-to-use online form can collect contact information, level of giving, and even payment. 

Whether you’re a private foundation, charitable non-profit, sports team, educational program, or another organization that uses sponsorships and donations for funding, make the process simple with an online form from SurveyMonkey.

A sponsorship request form is not only useful, but it’s also essential for securing commitments from sponsors. They are the main method used to reach people or businesses that are willing to provide support for your organization in cash or value-in-kind.

Other benefits of sponsorship forms include:

  • Using an online sponsorship form is the best way to get your funding needs in front of as many potential sponsors as possible.
  • Online forms increase your efficiency, an important point if your group is run by people volunteering their time.
  • SurveyMonkey online forms collect and save responses for you to help keep you organized.
  • Similar to RSVP forms, sponsorship forms are useful in collecting contact information for current and future use.

Verbal commitments are nice but are sometimes forgotten or simply not honored. Direct potential sponsors to your online form to formalize their sponsorship and lock in their commitment.

With SurveyMonkey, online sponsorship forms come with cloud storage for the data entered by your sponsors. You can save and sort the information received at any time from any device, ensuring that no sponsorship pledges are lost. All the data will be saved in one location. 

Canvassing for sponsors takes time and manpower, which nonprofits and other organizations are often short of. When your form is online, it’s simple to share it across digital channels. Distribute links to your form via email, social media, advertising, and marketing to extend your reach as widely as possible.

SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create sponsorship forms online. Every form is completely customizable. Add color, images, and text to personalize your form. Your design can help make it eye-catching and easily identifiable with your organization.

The first part of any sponsorship form should be detailed information about your organization. What is your mission? Why do you require funding? Are you seeking cash,  in-kind donations, or both? Are donations to your organization tax deductible? If someone is going to offer sponsorship, they’ll want to know all the relevant facts.

Make a great first impression by including brand elements like colors, logos, graphics, images, and design. This may be your first interaction with potential donors, so you need to present your page with great branding for strong engagement and to build trust. 

Will your sponsors receive anything in return for their donation? Outline what will be provided in return for sponsorship. This may include acknowledgment in a printed program, a business logo on a team jersey, a small gift (tote bag, hat, mug, etc.), or public recognition at an event. These “thank yous” may be broken down into tiers by donation level. Regardless of the donation, a thank you email should acknowledge the donation, express gratitude, and include a receipt for tax purposes.

You need to make sure you have all the necessary contact information to reach a potential sponsor later. Full contact information is essential for every sponsorship form. Consider adding the relevant fields from this list to yours:

  • Name
  • Business name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Level of sponsorship
  • Payment method and payment information
  • Other necessary information needed by your organization
  • Open field for a message

Instead of or in addition to predefined tiers of sponsorship, you can include a formatted field for sponsors to enter a specific, custom amount that they wish to pledge. This will help you appeal to individuals who may not be able to meet the requirements of one of your tiers but still want to contribute. 

Make it easy for patrons to make these custom donations by accepting immediate payment directly through your SurveyMonkey form with Stripe integration. 

While some people and businesses will seek out your group for charitable giving, you’ll still need to make an effort to find sponsors to secure your funding goals. Use these tips to find sponsors: 

  • Start with local businesses—support for nonprofits is good for their reputations, so it’s a win-win situation 
  • Consider companies, local or not, that have similar missions or values to yours
  • Explore businesses that sponsor similar nonprofits
  • Don’t forget gifts-in-kind donations—a restaurant could host a fundraising event for free, a grocery store may donate food for your volunteers, etc.
  • Check with your volunteers to network with their connections
  • Use a direct link to your online sponsorship web page or form 

Use contact information from current supporters, community members, and local businesses to send out an email request for sponsorship. Place the link to your sponsorship form strategically within the email copy as well as in a button or other highly-visible design feature at the end. 

Your email should be clear and concise, with information about your organization and why you’re seeking sponsors. Keep it brief but informative—your potential sponsors need information, but they generally won’t wade through long emails to find it.

Whether this is a fund drive over a specified period of time or an ongoing search for sponsors, you should maintain a sponsorship page on your website. The page can be created and hidden if you only try to increase sponsorship at certain times of the year. This dedicated page can hold information about your organization, mission, and goals. Be sure to include the details of your sponsorship tiers and relevant tax status information. 

SurveyMonkey allows you to easily embed your sponsorship form right on a web page for easy access.

Note: If all of this information is on a dedicated web page, the detailed information about your organization does not need to be on the sponsorship form. Consider making two different forms—a simple one for the sponsorship page and a more detailed one for other uses.

To reach new donors, use social media. Find like-minded individuals and groups and connect. Make sure you post a link to your sponsorship form or sponsorship page in your posts for ease of use for potential supporters. 

Using templates can make it much easier to put together a sponsorship form and help you avoid missing important questions. Check out SurveyMonkey templates as a basis for your company’s sponsorship request form. 

Use SurveyMonkey to secure sponsorship for your nonprofit group. Our online forms are easy to create and easy for your potential sponsors to use. Collect contact information, payment method, and payment right through the form. Stay organized, and increase sponsorships by signing up with SurveyMonkey today. Find the right solution for all of your needs now.

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