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Easily profile your ideal consumer segments

Use our Consumer Segmentation solution to launch successful products and campaigns, and uncover the preferences that drive demand.

Segmented consumer data

Get smart about your target buyers

Pinpoint your target consumer segments, what they want, and the best way to get their attention to improve your go-to-market strategy.

Measure product demand

Know what types of shoppers would be likely to purchase your product, and why, to develop an ideal customer profile.

Build buyer personas

Develop a deep understanding of your buyer personas: what they care about, why they buy, and how they shop.

Guide campaign targeting

Learn which demographic segments would respond best to marketing, and which benefits resonate most.


Get expert help with your segmentation study

Take advantage of our flexible engagement model, and get help from our market research experts. Services include:

  • Survey design & programming consultation
  • Cluster analysis
  • Ranked feature priority
  • Key Driver analysis 
  • Executive Summary slides
  • Data tables

“Our research using SurveyMonkey showed that JUST’s consumer base isn’t just vegans, but also meat eaters who are trying to be healthier. Proving this with data meant we could target a much broader set of consumers, which has had cascading effects on how we bring our products to market.”

Daniel Scharff
Director of Strategy, Analytics & Insights, JUST Inc.

Leading brands use SurveyMonkey for market research

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