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Power your sales and marketing initiatives with social proof

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Demand Generation

Infuse the voice of your customers into your marketing campaigns to boost conversions.

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Sales Enablement

Get a comprehensive, self-service database of customer-sourced content right at your sales team’s fingertips.

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Targeted Marketing

Slice and dice the results of your project by persona or vertical to generate powerful targeted content.

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Competitive Differentiation

Differentiate your brand using customer evidence to underscore your product’s strengths vs. the competition.

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Social Media

Get compelling, social-ready content—like quotes, stats, and graphs—to keep your followers engaged.

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Thought Leadership

Collect data on industry trends and technology adoption to give credence to thought leadership content.

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of our customers use TechValidate for Sales Enablement


of our customers use TechValidate for Demand Generation


use TechValidate for Social Media campaigns

Fuel Demand Generation campaigns

Create a growing library of customer stories and proof points to fuel your Demand Generation initiatives, from highlighting customer data points in webinars to infusing the authentic voice of your customers into your longer form content. Some ideas include:

  • Boost conversion rates by including social proof on your form pages
  • Create more persuasive content by using the voice of your customers in eGuides, reports, infographics, etc.
  • Speed up the sales cycle by leveraging customer stories in your nurture campaigns

84% of surveyed marketing organizations have helped sales people build credibility and handle objections with TechValidate, enabling them to close more deals.

Enable sales efforts

Your sales team is hungry for customer stories and ROI proof points to establish credibility with their prospects. With TechValidate, you’ll get a comprehensive, self-service database of customer-sourced content right at your Sales team’s fingertips. Sales reps have access to dozens of case studies, testimonials, and ROI metrics that can be easily filtered by industry, role, location, or use case to match the unique profile of any sales prospect.

Support vertical and persona-targeted marketing

In the age of Account-Based Marketing and all things personalized, the one-size-fits-all approach is no longer effective. But marketers struggle to secure the resources and headcount to effectively create the breadth of content they need to cover every buyer persona and industry vertical—until now. With TechValidate, you can slice and dice the results of your project using your desired filtering criteria to generate powerful, targeted content.

Rise above the competition

In crowded markets, it can be a real challenge to stand out from the pack. To differentiate your brand, use customer evidence to underscore your product’s strengths vs. the competition. A few of the ways you can use TechValidate content for competitive differentiation include:

  • Creating battle cards that feature compelling customer stories
  • Publishing testimonials about why your customers selected you over the competition
  • Supporting your competitive claims with relevant customer stories on your website

Start the conversation on social media

Are your social media accounts collecting dust? Don’t let your social channels turn into a one-way monologue—or worse, go months without regular updates. Give your efforts a boost with a steady stream of short-form, social-ready content (like quotes, stats, and graphs) to keep prospects, customers, and partners engaged—and attract new followers.

Create thought leadership content

Your customers may be the experts on topics your prospects want to read about. Capture the attention and trust of your audience by collecting data on industry trends and technology adoption directly from your customer base to establish your company as a thought leader.

73% of people say that content that contains data is more persuasive than content without data.

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Aaron Goldman
Aaron Goldman

“We use TechValidate to generate all kinds of marketing content. Having that 3rd-party validation really helps substantiate our claims and helps us separate ourselves in the marketplace.”

Duo Security

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