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Marketers need social proof—but getting it is hard

When it comes to earning buyers’ trust, your customers are your best assets. Their words carry more credibility than any marketing or sales pitch you can craft. But many companies face an uphill battle getting the case studies and testimonials they need to prove their value to the market. Lack of time and resources and difficulty getting customers on the record can stand in the way between you and the social proof you need.

Get more of your happiest customers on the record in a fraction of the time. Instantly boost your sales and marketing efforts with credible case studies, testimonials, reviews, and more.

Choose from auto-generated short case studies that cover key challenges, use cases, and results.

Collect quotes from your happy customers to feature across your marketing channels and provide to sales.

Get more positive reviews and highlight star ratings from your customers.

Persuade buyers with statistics that show a measurable increase in financial and operational metrics.

Highlight statistical proof points with eye-catching, ready-to-use visual assets.

Create targeted microsites to showcase curated selections of social proof.

Janet O’Malley
Janet O’Malley
Product Marketing Manager

“Before we started using TechValidate, it was hard to get input from customers. With TechValidate, we’re able to publish case studies almost instantly, taking a process that would have been 2-3 months and shortening it down to a matter of hours. It’s like night and day.”

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