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Streamlined, scalable creation of social proof

TechValidate helps marketers build out libraries of new references and case studies in weeks instead of quarters.

Team and TechValidate features

Get more customers on the record.

Simply upload your customer list and questionnaire, and press go. We’ll cover the email design and testing.

Find out what marketing activities your customers are willing to participate in, all packaged in a clean report that integrates into your systems.

Every participant has the option to provide an anonymous testimonial, encouraging more of your customers to participate.

Our clean design and constant testing leads to high deliverability rates and exceptional response rates.

Maximize reach by embedding the questionnaire link in your own email campaigns and customer communities.

Our team will coach you on how to ask the right questions to support your marketing and sales initiatives.

Capturing customer responses

Every asset is 3rd-party verified by TechValidate.

The identity and organizational affiliations of each participant are verified by TechValidate, ensuring your respondents are legitimate customers.

Every new asset gets TechValidate’s stamp of approval, assuring prospects your case studies, testimonials, and proof points are authentic and credible.

Each TechValidate content asset is stamped with a unique 9-digit identifier called a TVID for easy identification, verification, and citation.

TechValidate verification

Targeted, auto-generated content that speaks to your prospects.

Generate hundreds of compelling marketing assets including case studies, testimonials, reviews, graphs, charts, and more.

From survey design to the final published assets, your entire TechValidate experience is customizable. Change colors, upload your logo, and edit questions in an intuitive and clean interface.

Filter data by industry, role, company size, or location to create highly-targeted content assets. For even more specific content, try-cross-tabbing.

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Content creation

Get more eyes on your customer content.

Embed your TechValidate content on your website, share it via any marketing channel, and download images for digital and offline marketing.

All TechValidate content is automatically published to the Customer Research Library, which is referenced by thousands of professionals to see what their peers have to say about the products and services they use.

All of your TechValidate proof points are indexed by Google and other major search engines, so your best stories appear front and center when a prospect searches for your case studies.

Analyze and share usage stats internally to see what content and messaging is resonating with your audience and sales organization.

Publish your TechValidate content with easy to set up targeted microsites that can be personalized with highly relevant content for specific buyer segments.

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Get case studies and references at the fingertips of your sales team, where they’ll be truly effective for closing business.

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Different ways to share customer content
Cari Goodrich
Cari Goodrich
Sr. Director, Global Marketing Programs

“TechValidate breaks down barriers. It’s a 3rd party conducting the survey, so customers feel like they can open up more. We’re able to get amazing stories from customers who typically tell us they can’t talk.”

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