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Integrate with 100+ apps and plug-ins to get more done.

Build and customize online forms to collect info and payments.

Create better surveys and spot insights quickly with built-in AI.

Purpose-built solutions for all of your market research needs.


Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty for your business.

Learn what makes customers happy and turn them into advocates.

Get actionable insights to improve the user experience.

Collect contact information from prospects, invitees, and more.

Easily collect and track RSVPs for your next event.

Find out what attendees want so that you can improve your next event.

Uncover insights to boost engagement and drive better results.

Get feedback from your attendees so you can run better meetings.

Use peer feedback to help improve employee performance.

Create better courses and improve teaching methods.

Learn how students rate the course material and its presentation.

Find out what your customers think about your new product ideas.


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Text analysis made easy

Get more insights from open-ended responses.

Questions that let respondents reply with a comment can provide valuable information. With SurveyMonkey’s text analysis tools you can easily cut through the clutter, avoid labor-intensive efforts, and get to ah-ha in just a few clicks.


Got dozens, thousands, or even millions of open-text responses? With Sentiment Analysis, just click to get an instant summary of how people feel.

  • See positive, neutral, or negative sentiments at a glance
  • Filter by sentiment to quickly identify areas that need attention
  • Filter a question by sentiment for even deeper insights
Text analysis
Word cloud

Word clouds let you quickly interpret open-ended responses with a visual display of the most frequently used words.

Customize the look of your word clouds:

  • Select colors or fonts for specific words to add visual appeal
  • Pick a range or threshold for when words should appear
  • Easily hide any non-relevant words
  • Combine related words into one category

To make the most of these features, you should aim for around 20 or more responses.

Looking for something very specific in your response data? You can also tag your responses to uncover even more specific information in your open-ended response data.

  1. Sub-tags let you dig in even deeper and uncover finer subtexts
  2. Assign multiple tags to the same response as needed
  3. Filter results by tag to get more granular insights
Tagging in action

Do you have an open-ended question that you’re ready to analyze? Follow these step-by-step instructions to turn words into actionable data.


Team Advantage

  • Text analysis and word cloud
  • Filter and compare results
  • Custom charts and reports


Team Premier

  • Text analysis and advanced word cloud
  • Filter and compare results
  • Custom charts and reports
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Cross tab reports
  • Direct API access



  • Text analysis and advanced word cloud
  • Filter and compare results
  • Custom charts and reports
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Cross tab reports
  • Direct API access
  • Enterprise-only integrations
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