Collect feedback with SMS surveys

Connect with people on their phones to text message surveys, fast.

SMS survey

Reach a wider audience and survey on the spot

Discover a fast, easy way to collect feedback from your audience, at scale. With SurveyMonkey SMS Surveys, you can gather data in the moment and survey on the go, by sending people a mobile survey via text.

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SMS survey collector

No email address? No worries.

With SurveyMonkey SMS Surveys, you can collect feedback from people wherever they are, with a real-time survey solution. It’s an easy and affordable way to capture data at critical points of the customer journey. Get higher response rates by leveraging an SMS survey which offers your audience a fast and familiar way to connect.

Survey on the go

Send surveys at the ideal time to gather a more accurate response. From in-store to post-event—get feedback when the experience is still fresh.

Use SurveyMonkey SMS Surveys to gather data:

  • After dining or lodging with in-store surveys
  • From employees after training and onboarding
  • After an event to measure satisfaction
  • From patients after a doctor visit or hospital stay
  • From customers after a support interaction
Woman taking survey on the go

Collect feedback on the go with SurveyMonkey SMS surveys

Faster feedback

Get real-time, in-the-moment feedback at critical moments of customer interactions—ideal for time-sensitive surveys

Improve response rates

Send links to SMS surveys that are optimized for mobile, making them easier to open and fill out

Widen your reach

Reach customers when you don’t have their email address; easily upload phone numbers from a CSV file, Active Directory sync, or manually

Simple, familiar interface

Give users an easy way to communicate; customize texts to encourage response

Scalable & flexible

Gather data at scale by sending surveys to any mobile device; support any type of survey or question

Affordable & effective

Connect with people in a way that is cost effective and delivers higher response rates

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