Human Resources Survey Templates

Use our HR survey examples to get employee feedback for better decisions.

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When you provide a way for employees and human resource specialists to express their opinions, you’ll get feedback that will help you make decisions toward improving your hiring, managing, and retention policies. Ask your workforce about benefits, leadership, facilities, and job satisfaction to get insight on team morale, management effectiveness, and recruiting methods. Use one of our many human resource survey examples, or get creative and customize one to fit your specific needs. Online surveys are a great way to get in-depth, candid, and targeted information so you can make your workplace more positive and productive.

How to Use Personnel Survey Samples

  • Performance reviews. We have several HR questionnaire templates to help you gather information about the performance of your teams, management, departments, and employees. Offer questions like, “How well does your team work with clients?” and, “How well do the members of your department communicate with each other?” to better understand individual and team dynamics, and how they affect performance in multiple situations.
  • Overall employee satisfaction. Sometimes you just need to check in with your personnel to see how they’re feeling about their job and the organization as a whole. Changes in policies, management, or benefits can mean the difference between happy, productive employees and a high turnover rate. A mixture of questions such as, “In a typical week, how often do you feel stressed at work?” and, “Do you like your employer, neither like nor dislike them, or dislike them?” can go a long way toward determining the general morale of your workplace.
  • Leadership effectiveness. Good management knows how to bring out the best in their teams. Are your leaders supportive and motivational, or could they use a little improvement? Get your teams’ opinions on management and you’ll know where you’re doing well and where you need to adjust. Sample leadership survey questions include, “How effective is the training you receive from your supervisor?” and, “How realistic are the expectations of management?”
  • Work/life balance. When employees feel they have a good work/life balance, they’re more likely to be motivated and productive. Commutes, health care, and good use of their skills and interests all play a part. Ask questions like, “In a typical week, about how much money, in U.S. dollars, do you spend on automobile fuel to commute to and from work and/or school?” and, “Is your employer’s health insurance plan better, worse, or about the same as those of other employers?” to understand the kinds of issues that contribute to a healthy work environment.

HR Survey Template Examples

  • 360-Degree Employee Evaluation Template
    A versatile, general employee survey sample that allows participants to specify if they’d like to review the performance of a supervisor, coworker, or subordinate.
  • Employee Benefits Survey Template
    This 7-question survey focuses on the perks and benefits of your organization. Topics covered include environment, meals, and general benefits.
  • Employee Exit Template
    This 21-question survey asks an exiting employee the reason for their departures as well as experiences with leadership, working environment, and team members.
  • Employee Performance Survey Template
    Managers can evaluate the performance of their team members with this 10-question employee survey sample. Employee attitude, knowledge, and work ethic are all covered.
  • Job Satisfaction Survey Template
    Employees can rate their work satisfaction in this 14-question survey. Questions about stress levels, salary, and leadership are included.
  • Commuting Template
    This quick, 5-question survey focuses on how your workforce commutes and how much they spend on their commute. This is great information to have if you’re thinking of starting a commuting program.
  • Management Performance Template
    Management as a whole is evaluated in a 14-question survey designed for employees. Questions around approachability, use of resources, skills and ability, and money management are presented.
  • Department Performance Template
    Employees are asked to rate their department on professionalism, conflict management, communication, and more in this 14-question survey.
  • Manager Effectiveness Survey Template
    Individual managers are evaluated by employees in this 17-question survey focusing on availability, constructive feedback, training, decision-making skills, and more.
  • Team Performance Template
    Team dynamics and efficiency are explored in this 14-question survey for employees. Collaboration, flexibility, professionalism, and dependability are some of the survey questions presented.
  • Recruiting Satisfaction Survey Template
    Ask recent hires and interviewees about their experience with recruiters. This 10-question survey focuses on recruiter responsiveness, professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness.
  • Online Employee Recruitment Template
    This short, 3-question survey quickly assesses how your company uses online networking and recruiting websites to find new hires.
  • Corporate Social Media Template
    This is a quick, 3-question survey about the types of social media networks used by your company.

3 Tips for Great Human Resources Surveys

  1. Anonymity is key. In order to gain the most insight, you’ll want to communicate to employees their feedback is completely safe. Be sure your personnel know their employee survey answers are 100% anonymous.
  2. Follow up. If your workforce sees evidence their opinions matter, they’ll be more likely to continue providing valuable feedback. Offer an employee survey presentation to show what knowledge has been gained, and what’s being done with the survey results.
  3. Use conversational language. Don’t use language that’s stuffy or overly technical. Keep your employee survey questions light and casual.

Have More Questions?

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