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Tools to help CRM admins improve customer experience

Relying on feedback—directly in your CRM software—can help you scale customer processes.

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Want to help your sales, marketing, and success teams provide better customer experiences? Admins of platforms like Salesforce and Zendesk often wonder how to help their cross-functional stakeholders gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback. This toolkit provides the blueprint on how to use feedback to optimize your CRM software and empower your customer-facing teams.

How do I ensure customer data is clean and actionable?

  • What types of customer data do we need to add into our CRM?
  • How do we integrate feedback with customer records, reports, or dashboards?
  • Is new prospect or customer information being routed properly and updated automatically?
  • How do we ensure the right teams have visibility into the right customer data?

How do we optimize our CRM to ensure teams are more effective?

  • Are the processes our teams are using actually CRM efficient?
  • Which users or teams struggle with manual work and processes in our CRM?
  • Are our teams able to build scalable, repeatable customer experience programs using our CRM?
  • What other systems should our CRM integrate with?

Are you looking for the right survey tool? Or one that integrates with your existing tech stack? Your teams can pair your existing customer data with our sample survey templates to start collecting feedback from your customers right away.

Net Promoter Ⓡ Score (NPS)

Identify the percentage of customers who would promote you.

See template

Customer satisfaction

Map customer satisfaction scores to customer records in your CRM.

See template

CRM software

Understand how happy your company is with your CRM and how to improve it.

See template

Customer service feedback

Find out if your customers had positive experiences with your support team.

See template

Department performance

Find your department’s strengths or where there’s room for improvement.

See template

Software evaluation

Understand how users feel about a software implementation.

See template

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SurveyMonkey is not only easy to use, it’s the world’s leading survey platform and powerful enough to help you measure what matters.

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Or, find new ways to reach your customers, employees, and peers.

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Support for when you need it

Get the support that your team needs to launch feedback programs with ease.

Here’s how SurveyMonkey can help:

  • We have an amazing support team - filled with product experts that help you leverage the right features to get the results you’re looking for
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Advice from CRM admin leaders

Here are some common mistakes and best practices on how to avoid them.

Common mistakes

Looking for ways to optimize your CRM and ensure it meets the needs of all customer-facing and back-office teams? Here are some things to avoid:

Using tools that aren’t natively built for CRM

Choose tools—including survey platforms—that have flexible integrations with your CRM. And, ensure you have internal expertise to support deployments.

Changing the questions if your surveys are already live

Test surveys about your CRM on a few people to make sure you are getting the type of information you want. Changing questions down the road will skew your results.

Solving today’s problems at the expense of tomorrow

Balance the needs of now with the needs of the future. Don’t bolt on solutions that solve a problem today but impact scalability down the road.

Best practices

Want to know what customer support experts suggest? Check out Want to know what CRM experts recommend? Check out these tips for maintaining a successful feedback program:

Treat internal employees like customers

Gathering feedback from your internal stakeholders will have a huge impact. You can change people’s work experience by learning where you can automate CRM workflows and processes to really make people’s lives easier.

Survey in real-time, if possible

Collect data as things are happening. The further removed from their experiences people are, the less accurate and impactful their feedback might be.

Begin with the end in mind

Define metrics for support cases and make sure you have the team Have a clear sense of what you want your survey to accomplish and how the information you gather will be used to optimize your CRM deployment.

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