Work smarter with team plans

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Create better surveys faster

Team plans make it easier to get started—and keep moving—on all your survey projects.

  • Enjoy an unlimited number of surveys, questions, and responses for 3 or more users
  • Collaborate with fine control over who can view and edit surveys
  • Discover insights quickly by analyzing data, sharing filters and views, and creating reports together
  • Invite comments on survey drafts and results—and set up alerts to keep everyone in the loop about new response data
  • Build surveys faster by creating a team library to share templates, logos, or other assets

Admin features put you in control

Easily add or reassign users at any time, consolidate existing SurveyMonkey accounts, and enjoy simplified billing.

Empower everyone on your team

Make your survey projects a success by giving everyone access to our most advanced tools.

  • Create smarter surveys with question and answer piping, file upload question types, and more
  • Better understand the story in your data with benchmarks, text analysis, and statistical significance tools
  • Upgrade your plan to access all white-label features—including custom redirects after someone complete your survey!

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Work smarter with team plans

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