When you sign up for a SurveyMonkey account, we ask that you consent to the following in order to set up your account:

Collection and Use of Your IP Address

Our servers record the incoming IP addresses of visitors to our websites (whether or not the visitor has a SurveyMonkey account) and store the IP addresses in log files. We use these log files for purposes such as system administration and maintenance, record keeping, tracking referring web sites, inferring your location, and security purposes (e.g. controlling abuse, spam and DDOS attacks). We also store IP addresses along with certain actions you take on our system. IP addresses are only linked to survey responses if a survey creator has configured a survey to collect IP addresses. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you expressly consent to SurveyMonkey using your IP address for the foregoing purposes. If you wish to opt out from the foregoing consent to use your IP address, you must cancel your account (if you have one) or not respond to a survey if requested to do so.

Collection and Use of Your Other Personal Data

Our servers are based in the United States, so your personal data will be primarily processed by us in the United States. You consent to the transfer and processing of your personal data in the United States by SurveyMonkey Inc. and in the data locations identified below by our various affiliates and service providers.

Data locations. Our servers are based in the United States, so your personal information will be hosted and processed by us in the United States. Your personal information may also be processed in, or transferred or disclosed to, countries in which SurveyMonkey subsidiaries and offices are located and in which our service providers are located or have services. You can view where our offices are located on the Office Locations page.

You consent and agree that we may transfer your data to data processors located in countries, including the United States, which do not have data protection laws that provide the same level of protection that exists in countries in the European Economic Area. Your consent is voluntary, and you may revoke your consent by opting out at any time. Please note that if you opt-out, we may no longer be able to provide you our services.

You consent to us sharing your personal data with relevant persons working for service providers who assist us to provide our services.