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Slice and dice results any way you like

Discover hidden trends with filters and cross tabs.

How did one set of respondents answer your survey? For instance, how did men’s responses compare to women’s? How do perceptions across a series of topics vary across each department in your company?

  • Watch for global trends across all of your survey responses
  • Dig even deeper and apply multiple filters
  • Use cross tabs to compare results by respondent group (e.g., women, doctors, etc.) or how you collected responses (via email, Facebook, etc.)
  • Filter by property (including time period, completed vs. partially completed responses, email address, name, IP address, and one custom data field) to narrow down your results
  • Cross tab your results to look for trends based on how respondents answered (i.e., see how opinions differ between those who say they’ve tried your product vs. those who haven’t)
  • Build custom views based on the criteria you specify, and include only the questions you want
  • Who are your brand champions?
  • Would they spread the good word about your products and services?
  • What do detractors complain about?
  • What areas do they feel you need to improve upon?
  • How do students in specific programs feel about access to university resources?
  • Is there a relationship between department and satisfaction [cross tab]?
  • Does that relationship still exist across undergraduate students and graduate students? [apply filter to cross tab]

Any time you need to dig deeper and isolate segments of your survey data, use filters and crosstabs to save time and unlock intelligent insights.