SurveyMonkey and Tableau logos

Get better insights with a 360 view of your data.

  • Capture insights from your surveys at scale in real time
  • Get a 360 view by combining operational data with feedback data 
  • Set up a sync from any survey to automatically add new responses into Tableau over time
Tableau and SurveyMonkey graph example
Tableau and SurveyMonkey graph example
  • Use the full force of Tableau’s advanced capabilities to analyze data
  • Compare feedback over time and discover patterns and trends
  • Segment data by desired attributes such as customer spend to identify correlations
  • Create beautiful, presentation-ready visualizations and interactive dashboards
  • Share insights with key stakeholders in a standardized way
  • Drive smarter decisions through enriched and holistic insights
Tableau and SurveyMonkey graph example

From data on the US presidential election, to COVID-19 concerns, SurveyMonkey and Tableau collect and visualize millions of data points in real time.


“The marriage of SurveyMonkey and Tableau increases our team’s efficiency and ability to collaborate, and that provides real-time value to our agency and in turn, our clients.”

Neil Owen,
Executive Vice President