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Five integrations to help you discover new insights


Integrate survey data into your favorite apps so you can take insights-driven actions fast. We're sitting down to talk all things integrations and explore how automated integration of survey data from customers, employees, and your markets can give your apps—and your business—a boost.

This session will focus on apps that help you connect more closely with leads and customers, such as Marketo and Salesforce; analysis and visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI; as well as connectivity apps like Zoom to help you reach your audience in real-time.

You'll learn how these apps can:

  • Integrate surveys with your CRM to power better customer experiences
  • Boost your ROI with marketing automation integrations
  • Gain deeper insights by integrating survey data with reporting and analytics tools
  • Combine feedback with operational data to help you make smarter business decisions
  • Drive more engagement with your collaboration apps

If you’re looking for ways to get more value from your feedback programs, or are simply curious about the integrations available in SurveyMonkey, this on-demand webinar is for you!