SurveyMonkey Intelligence content carries on

Our time was sweet and full of great insights.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence content carries on

Our mobile app intelligence product, SurveyMonkey Intelligence, has officially shut down. To everyone who stuck with us through this yearlong discovery period—thank you. Your participation helped shape this product. Here’s the good news: Now we can focus more resources on making our existing products even better.

Though we’re moving on, we’re dedicated to making some of our best work available to you. Our Medium blog will stay up and running, hosting all of the great content created by the team. You can find a comprehensive list of links below. And don’t worry—with SurveyMonkey, you can continue to fuel your curiosity and gather actionable data whenever you want.

  1. An update on SurveyMonkey Intelligence
  2. The 50 fastest growing apps on Android right now
  3. A bunch of average app revenue data… and why you should ignore it
  4. Pokémon GO daily revenue: On the decline, but there’s still good news
  5. The top mobile game publishers by downloads, revenue, and users
  6. Scandal fallout: How fast is Wells Fargo losing customers on mobile?
  7. Pokémon GO demographics: The evolving player mix of a smash-hit game
  8. 13 eye-popping app download statistics
  9. Mobile app install ads: Get low CPIs on Facebook with this powerful tactic
  10. Pokémon GO retention: No, it’s not facing a player loyalty crisis
  11. The 40 top apps for men, according to app demographic data
  12. Mobile app engagement: Everything app developers should know
  13. Live streaming statistics: Is or Periscope the most popular?
  14. How mobile experts discover great app ideas that don’t exist
  15. What app developers should know about the Monthly Active Users (MAU) metric
  16. These are the highest grossing apps in the U.S.
  17. Mobile app industry revenue statistics: Where’s the money come from?
  18. The 101 most addictive apps on mobile
  19. These fitness app statistics show what’s going right (and wrong) for Fitbit
  20. The top app publishers of 2016 (so far)
  21. [Webinar] Unlocking mobile growth: How mobile app startups can gain traction and drive sustainable growth
  22. These latest Uber statistics show how it’s dominating Lyft
  23. New mobile game statistics every game publisher should know in 2016
  24. [Webinar] How to boost your mobile performance by learning from the competition
  25. CSR Racing 2 usage and revenue results: Is NaturalMotion finally paying off for Zynga?
  26. The 60 most popular apps of 2016 (so far)
  27. Has Pokémon GO peaked? The data say “Yes.”
  28. Buyer beware: Here’s what Yahoo’s new owner is (not) getting on mobile
  29. Prime Day boosted the already-phenomenal usage metrics of Amazon’s mobile app
  30. The Chick-fil-A app promotion boosted app downloads by 14,285% in one day
  31. Pokémon GO usage statistics say it’s the most popular mobile game in U.S. history
  32. How to benchmark your app with mobile app competitor analysis
  33. What’s the largest religion themed app in the US?
  34. These SoundCloud statistics on mobile explain Twitter’s big investment
  35. These Slack user statistics show it’s crushing competitors on mobile
  36. Messaging app statistics: The present and future of mobile messaging
  37. Is Glu’s celebrity apps strategy paying off?
  38. How to make a successful indie app when your odds are better in Vegas
  39. The user demographics of Reddit: The Official App
  40. Conquer love with these crucial dating app statistics
  41. The Rise and Fall of Nintendo’s Miitomo: Why Massive Downloads Aren’t Enough
  42. Did Facebook’s On This Day have an impact on Timehop?
  43. What’s behind’s $500M valuation
  44. Could a combined LetGo and Wallapop win the war to build the mobile Craigslist?
  45. Most popular travel apps: Tripadvisor, Expedia, and Airbnb lead the pack
  46. The 40 top apps for women: Revealing the apps that ladies love
  47. TIDAL users came for Kanye… and then went. [App stats]
  48. Bye, users! Twitter’s retention rate is worse than you think
  49. LinkedIn user statistics on mobile: The biggest jobs app, but not for long
  50. Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft struggles to compete on mobile
  51. Netflix usage statistics: Crushing other long-form video apps
  52. The early results are in – here’s just how huge Miitomo, Nintendo’s new game is

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An update on SurveyMonkey Intelligence

After a year of helping people to uncover mobile app insights, we’ll be shutting down the SurveyMonkey Intelligence product.

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These are the highest grossing apps in the U.S.

Data shows that an increasingly-large portion of app developer income is coming from in-app purchase revenue.

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13 eye-popping app download statistics

At SurveyMonkey Intelligence, we have a wealth of insights on various key metrics from the U.S. smartphone app ecosystem.

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