Adapting to the challenges of today to become leaders for tomorrow

Virtual CIO Roundtable & Whisky Tasting
October 22 | 2:30pm-4:00pm PT

CIOs are facing extreme challenges as a convergence of crises unfolds and continues to disrupt the way we work. However, these unforeseen challenges present CIOs with an opportunity to transition from being a “custodian of technology” to a business leader, driving long-term success and profitability.

In a virtual roundtable, we’ll cover:

  • How CIOs are evaluating a safe return to work or adapting to a fully remote work structure for their employees
  • Strategies to set up the right level of compliance and security while driving valuable insights from data collection
  • How leaders can support and check in with the needs and mental health of employees to help ensure wellbeing and productivity 

Whisky-tasting shipments are now closed. You’re welcome to register, but we’re unable to ship samples at this time. Feel free to BYOW to join the fun!

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Eric Johnson
Julie Cullivan
Terry Reusser
Colleen Berube