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Building a better business begins with your people

Investing in employee engagement means investing in your business.

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“Companies with high engagement can see a 20% or greater increase in profitability and productivity, yet only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their current jobs.”

Source: Gallup

Investing in an engaging employee experience is the first step to building a great company—one that creates outstanding products and provides an exceptional customer experience. When employees are engaged and feel aligned with your organization’s goals, they stay longer, perform better, and help attract top talent.

Stat on disengaged employees

Source: HR Dive


(and how to reduce them)

Stat on improving employee engagement

The first step to improving employee engagement is standardizing how you measure and understand engagement across your organization. Then, by listening to employees and learning what they need to be their best, you can take informed actions that create a stronger, more committed workforce.

Source: Virgin Pulse


Employee and customer engagement are great predictors of an organization’s performance. But great customer experiences aren’t process-driven, they’re people-driven. When your employees feel engaged, they provide better service and build great products.

Stat on employee engagement and customer satisfaction

Source: Gallup

Adopting Engage’s methodology means being on the cutting edge of employee engagement. Built by industry experts and backed by social science, Engage provides everything you need to administer your employee engagement program—no in-house expertise needed. Understand engagement with a holistic approach that views employees as people, not resources.

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