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Get Creative and Use SurveyMonkey for More Than Just Surveys

Get Creative and Use SurveyMonkey for More Than Just Surveys

As you know by now, SurveyMonkey is great at helping you create, send and analyze surveys. But recently, we’ve been noticing that some of you have been getting pretty creative with your surveys! Since SurveyMonkey collects and stores data for you, it can also be used to accomplish a wide variety of tasks and help you make better decisions like keeping track of customer data, planning an event, and one of our favorite examples, creating tournament brackets for your favorite sporting events!

So take a look, and get inspired!

Track and Store Customer Data

Robert Cradle is a master barber and the founder of the non-profit, Rob’s Barbershop Community Foundation (RBCF), which provides grooming services and products for the homeless. Since the organization started in 2000, RBCF has serviced over 6000 clients and uses SurveyMonkey as its primary database, which makes keeping track of clients, generating impact data, and reporting back to the donor base a breeze. Read more about RBCF’s inspiring story.

Plan Your Wedding

Sometimes it seems like planning a wedding, or any event for that matter, requires a PhD in organization! See how Tom & Angie used SurveyMonkey to plan their big day, coordinate with guests from all over the globe and, best of all, share their love story within the survey. Take a look (and don’t forget to RSVP)!

Share a Tournament Bracket

Whether you’ve got Olympic fever or March Madness, we have the cure for you! Harness the spirit of competition by building your own tournament bracket within SurveyMonkey. Let the best man (or in our case, monkey) win! Check out this sweet tournament bracket!

Create Quizzes and Tests

Time for a pop quiz! Don’t be scared, this is an easy one. What’s an easy-to-use, cost effective way to assess how well a group has grasped a concept? And how can this be done without the headache correcting tons of papers? We think you know the answer. But just to be sure, read on to see how one teacher uses SurveyMonkey in the classroom.

Just for Fun

September 19 is International Talk Like Pirate Day. What better way to celebrate than with a survey, you scurvy sea-dog! Come sail the surveying seas (that’s pirate talk for check out this cool survey)

What have you been using SurveyMonkey for? Any great ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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11 thoughts on “Get Creative and Use SurveyMonkey for More Than Just Surveys

  1. Dora says:

    could you customize one survey to help me analysis some data to generate one graph?

    1. Bennett P says:

      Dora – Every survey you create will generate different graphs that you can use for sharing and analysis. Here are a few helpful links:

      The second link has a great little video that should be helpful to you. Good luck!

  2. Hi
    Can you use Survey Monkey for VOTING????

    Julie Carlton
    Director of Community Relations
    Helena College

    1. Bennett P says:

      Hi Julie –

      Voting? WHy yes you can! Here’s how:

      Hope this helps. We’re here if you need us.

  3. I truely enjoyed the submission of these varieties for the production of information through ICT. please send me more of such fruitful project creation.

  4. Jerry says:

    I tried to “learn more” but there’s no links in the blog to get more material. Am I missing something?

    1. Bennett P says:

      Hi Jerry – argh! Sorry for the trouble. Which learn more button are you talking about exactly?

  5. Tony Baker says:

    Does Survey Monkey have a basic database programme for keeping a membership database please?

    1. Katie A says:

      Hey Tony,

      Thanks for your interest in SurveyMonkey! We can definetly hold any data that you collect through SurveyMonkey, however we do not provide a basic data storage service. The way SurveyMonkey works is that the data is collected via the survey you design, distribute and collect responses on. Then our Analyze section contains all your data! You are welcome to recreate your surveys with in SurveyMonkey and manually input the data. We currently don’t offer a means to upload data. Here’s some more information for you to peruse:

  6. design says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I
    have found something which helped me. Cheers!

    1. Kayte K says:

      Happy to hear that. Happy Surveying!

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