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Education, the SurveyMonkey way

Education, the SurveyMonkey way

Are you looking to gather information from students to help assess and improve the education they’re receiving? Or is faculty satisfaction the key data you’re looking to collect?  Or are you interested in the way parents and community members feel about the quality of local public education? Whatever your educational needs may be, we have an easy to use Education Survey Template to help get you started collecting your data, so you can gain educational insights as quickly as adding 1 + 2 + 3!

There’s little that we love more, here at SurveyMonkey, then when our surveys are being for educational purposes, so the testimonial of Prianka, an educator and continuing student who is using our survey tool to teach and  do research, makes us some very happy Monkeys.

My students answer questionnaires and quizzes using SurveyMonkey. By using the exact same quiz at the beginning and end of a unit, I can determine if there has been an increase in learning by individual, as well as by class. In addition, I am receiving my Masters in Teaching and Learning from the University of Southern Maine, and am conducting an independent research project. I am using SurveyMonkey to both gather consent forms, as well as to survey teachers.

Prianka C., educator and continuing student

Prianka’s story is a great example of the many ways a survey can be used for better education, but it’s far from the only way.

We recently teamed up with Harvard School of Education to create a Pre K-12 Parent Survey to measure critical aspects of family and school relationships. We’re excited about the potential this survey offers to collect meaningful data that can drive improvements in the education sector. To learn more about what this means for you, your family, and your schools, check out the template:

So, go ahead, get started, and see your education needs taken care of with our survey template!