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Tamara Monosoff

How Entrepreneur, Tamara Monosoff, Uses Surveys for Community Feedback

Have a thesaurus handy? No worries, we’ve got you covered. When we look up entrepreneurial, a shortlist of pretty inspiring words pop up---ambitious, enterprising, pioneering, go-getting, (and our personal fave) gumptious. Any of these...

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Looking for a strategy that rocks?

Searching for a Content Strategy That Rocks? Start with a Survey

"Strategy 101 is about choices. You can't be all things to all people." --Michael Porter, The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Harvard Business School Hear, hear. You can't be all things to all...

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INinbox and SurveyMonkey: Email Marketing Made Easy

Swoosh. Ping. Chirp. You know those sounds. No, you haven't fallen down a ringtone rabbit hole. Those are the sounds an inbox makes every time a new email makes its way in. When you're a bustling...

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Sarah Cho the Survey Pro

Survey Makeover Episode 4: When to Use Open-Ended and Matrix Questions

In this episode of Survey Makeover, Sarah Cho (our very own Survey Pro) tackles two very popular and very tricky question types: the open-ended and the matrix. Find out when they're appropriate to use...

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Pick1 and SurveyMonkey: Amplify Your Analysis with Social Data

Opinion matters. Knowing more about who, where and what your customers are speaking out about gives you a wealth of information and data to strengthen and grow your business. That power of opinion is truly...

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OfficeReports and SurveyMonkey: Power Up Your Next Presentation

Let’s face it. Whether you’re sitting in the audience or standing in front of one, we’ve shared the same experience at one time or another at the workplace--the PowerPoint presentation. Presenting data, communicating ideas and...

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How Surveys Help Make Design & Business Decisions at Modify Watches

As you know, we monkeys really dig data. Not just any data either--we're talking about high quality, useful and actionable data. The motivating, inspiring kind of feedback that leads to better and more informed...

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