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Introducing SurveyMonkey Forms

Introducing SurveyMonkey Forms

We’re not just survey experts. We also know that forms can be essential to your organization—and we’re introducing SurveyMonkey Forms to help you take care of business.

With SurveyMonkey Forms, it’s easy to build forms from scratch or rely on our ready-made templates. From pre-formatted fields to web embedding to integrations, we’ve melded form and function so you can count on forms that’ll boost your workflows and collect all the information you need.

We’ve been in the survey business a long time (over two decades!) and our platform is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500—we know what businesses need from their forms. Where surveys are generally used to collect data and opinions for analysis and decision-making, forms are used to gather information for a specific purpose, like contact information for a mailing list. 

With those purposes in mind, SurveyMonkey Forms offers 50+ templates for popular use cases like event registrations, applications, consent forms, and more. Our forms accept payments and files, so your business never misses a beat—or an important document or transaction. You can embed your form right on your website to make it easy for anyone to find and complete. You can also integrate your form with the apps you use every day.

SurveyMonkey Forms customers have full access to our robust forms capabilities, but anyone with a paid SurveyMonkey plan can also access form creation features to build forms that get results.


Building a form from scratch is simple. SurveyMonkey Forms saves you time and effort with pre-formatted contact information form fields. Just drag and drop the fields you need into your form as you build.

Want an even more effortless form building experience? Search our templates and start from an expert-approved template. These templates are designed for the most popular form needs and are ready to use as-is, but you can always customize them with additional fields and questions if needed. 

For example, let’s say a marketer at Automogo, a ridesharing and food delivery company, is planning a national conference for drivers, customers, and businesses in local communities. They could start with our conference registration form template, then add a payment field for attendees who want an exclusive VIP pass to the conference. They might also want to add a field for people to share their t-shirt size for conference swag. With a few fast updates to the pre-built template, they’ll be ready to go.


You don’t need to be a website or code expert to embed your form directly on your website, a simple copy and paste will do it. This is extra handy if you want your form housed on a dedicated page of your website. 

Our Automogo marketer, for instance, might have an event page for their conference with details, schedules, and a list of speakers. By embedding the registration form on that page, they’ll give the form context and boost the chances of getting more sign-ups.

If you’re looking for other ways to share your forms, you can always send it by email, post on social media, or share a link.

Integrate and act

Once your form has received submissions, you can view everything in a single table directly in SurveyMonkey without hopping back and forth to a separate spreadsheet. (Though you can still export your data to your favorite spreadsheet software if needed.) Act on responses individually, or bulk select to perform a single action at once—like sending a last-minute conference schedule update to all registrants.

Avoid data silos by integrating your form data with the apps that fuel your day-to-day operations, including MailChimp, Google Sheets, and your CRM. That way, you can guarantee the information will go where it’s needed, so you can take action even faster. 

Ready to discover the power of forms? Learn more about SurveyMonkey Forms.