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The Importance of Creating a Survey with Your Target Audience In Mind

Let's face it. Sometimes survey writing can be intimidating. In addition to clearly defining your survey's goals and adding easy-to-understand questions, making sure you have the right audience to provide their feedback can make...

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Random(ish) Sampling: Balancing the Ideal and the Real

So you’ve got your survey hot off the presses and ready to launch. There’s just one problem…who do you send it to? Past blog posts have talked about what a “sample” of a population is...

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Get the Right Respondents, Right Now

Howdy, SurveyMonkey fans! I'm delighted to announce a powerful new feature that will supercharge your research abilities: SurveyMonkey Audience. Here's how it works: Tell us how many respondents you need, what kind of people they...

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Survey Responses: Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?

So your friend Barney is single on Valentine’s Day (again). He insists, however, that it is not due to his lack of appeal, but simply to the fact that he doesn’t try to get...

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Top States To Be A Survey Sender

Jonesin’ hard for your weekly SurveyMonkey data fix? Well read no further, because have we got a color-coded a map of the United States just for you, our loyal blog enthusiasts. We started with a...

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Privacy for Survey Respondents

SurveyMonkey has collected literally hundreds of millions of responses to surveys. People who fill out SurveyMonkey surveys often ask us whether their survey responses are truly anonymous and safe from prying eyes. After all,...

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