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Internet Polling: Welcome to the Future

Last year, we ran a project during the 2012 presidential election that successfully predicted that Barack Obama would win his bid for election over Mitt Romney. This year, we decided to see if we...

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Grand Valley State University Libraries: Using Surveys for Career Research

The Internet, the media--both print and rich--news channels, podcasts, YouTube, magazines, books...there's no lack of where to go to find information. Now say you're a college student and you've just received your first research paper assignment....

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Brand New Survey Questions & Templates Ready To Go in Question Bank

Writing a survey can sometimes feel a little tough. Say you've got your goal in mind, you know what you want to ask your respondents but just feeling a bit stumped on how to...

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How do users search on mobile?

How To Create Unique Marketing Content Using SurveyMonkey Audience

Do a quick Google search for "content marketing" and you'll be overwhelmed by the number of results. Why is this topic so popular? Content marketing is undergoing both a boom, and a major inflation...

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Has the Internet Replaced TV? Market Research Says Not So Fast

Ah, the joys of watching TV! Almost nothing's better after a long day than relaxing on the couch in front of the tube. But these days, our options for either catching the BCS Championship Series...

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