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Smartphone User Survey: What Do Smartphone Consumers Really Want?

SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg surveyed attendees at the 2014 Mobile World Congress and found that in spite of some mind-blowing new features, smartphone consumers would easily sacrifice big screens and underwater cameras for just...

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Do People Trust Bitcoin as a Legitimate Currency?

It seems like people are talking about Bitcoin's virtual currency more than they're actually utilizing it. However, while Bitcoin might not be in everyone’s wallet, it’s certainly on everyone’s minds. On Bloomberg TV, SurveyMonkey CEO...

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Galaxy S5

What’s the State of the Smartphone?

Our main monkey, Dave Goldberg, stopped by Bloomberg West to chat with Emily Chang about his recent trip to Barcelona for this year's Mobile World Congress and talk about the state of the latest smartphones. Specifically,...

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Connected Homes

Do Americans Want a Connected Lifestyle?

As the tech landscape continues to evolve and shape-shift, we wanted to find out how Americans feel about the growing trend of smart homes, smart cars and more. Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, shared our...

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What rooms should be smarter?

Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Smart Appliances: Are Consumers Ready?

When you were young, did you ever wonder what the future might look like? Would you be dropping the kids off to school in your flying minivan? In the future, perhaps the age-old daily...

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Welcome to the Monkey, Jon!

Jon Cohen Joins the Monkey as VP of Survey Research

I’m pleased to begin 2014 with some exciting news! Jon Cohen has joined our team as VP of Survey Research--a new department within SurveyMonkey dedicated to survey quality. Before joining the team, Jon was...

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See you next year

Thanks for a Fantastic 2013!

What an exciting year! 2013 was a busy year for all of us here at SurveyMonkey. Our mission to help you, our customers, make smarter decisions led to the development of new products and features,...

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