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customer satisfaction quotes

10 Inspiring Customer Satisfaction Quotes (and the Stories Behind Them)

By helping millions of businesses learn more about their customers, we like to think we know a thing or two about customer satisfaction. For example, we’ve learned that businesses who measure customer satisfaction are...

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Resolve to Win More Customers in 2015 With a Killer Customer Survey Action Plan

It’s already December and soon you’ll be breaking out the party hats and bubbly for 2015! But before you begin your New Year celebrations, you’ve got to make sure that you start next year...

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Kiosk Surveys

The Rise of Real-Time Feedback in Retail: Get Tips for Great Data

In the world of online survey research, we often see the debate of deployment methods come down to email or pop-up survey windows. But if we shift our gaze over to the world of retail and...

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How This Tech Company Discovered a Crucial Customer Insight Using a Survey

When your company sells software, rather than a physical good or service, it's not always obvious how you should price and package your product. To figure out what worked best for them, the marketing team...

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Want to Develop a Great Product? Here Are 3 Ways Your Customers Can Help

If your company provides a product or service (online or otherwise), you've probably got a product team dedicated to developing new features that'll help you enhance the customer experience, stay competitive, and turn a profit. But...

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Asking for Customer Feedback Improves Customer Retention. Period!

Sending feedback surveys to customers helps your organization thrive, says a new study--even if customers aren't actually completing them. Really! Research conducted by Rice University Professor Dr. Paul Dholakia and Dr. Vicki Morwitz and published...

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Infographic: Are People Taking Your Customer Feedback Surveys Seriously?

Most people say they've been asked to take a customer feedback survey--but are they actually completing them? Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we asked more than 400 people to tell us when, how, and why they're...

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