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4 Biggest Trends in Key Sales Markets: September 2014

Before you decide where to put your advertising or investment dollars this month, it would help to know where the market's headed, right? Consumer trends are constantly in flux, so what's the best way...

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Tamara Monosoff

How Entrepreneur, Tamara Monosoff, Uses Surveys for Community Feedback

Have a thesaurus handy? No worries, we’ve got you covered. When we look up entrepreneurial, a shortlist of pretty inspiring words pop up---ambitious, enterprising, pioneering, go-getting, (and our personal fave) gumptious. Any of these...

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Are People Keeping Their Homes and Gadgets Safe During Summer Travel?

Vacation might be on everyone’s minds right now, but security... not so much. Master Lock used SurveyMonkey to discover that while most travelers would be deeply upset to have their stuff stolen while on...

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It’s Midnight. Do You Know What Your Credit Score Is?

It’s easier than ever to find out what your current credit rating is. But if you're like most people, "What is my credit score?" is probably one of the last things on your mind....

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Happy Mothers Day

Marketing to Moms is More Important than You Think

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the supermoms out there! This year, Americans will spend an average of $163 on gifts for mom. But grateful family members aren’t the only ones who shop. Moms are...

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Are Mice Still Clicking With You?

A new survey found that the shift to mobile computing might be making the once-essential computer mouse not-so-essential anymore. The Atlantic Monthly ran a SurveyMonkey survey to find that, while a majority of people used a...

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Connected Homes

Do Americans Want a Connected Lifestyle?

As the tech landscape continues to evolve and shape-shift, we wanted to find out how Americans feel about the growing trend of smart homes, smart cars and more. Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, shared our...

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