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Logos & Progress Bars

The Pros & Cons of Logos and Progress Bars

Traffic lights are simple and straightforward. When the light is red, we stop. When the light is green, we go. There’s nothing confusing about it. But what if the light is yellow? We’d have to... Read More

Sampling frame_1

Why Sampling Matters: The Secret to Success in Our Election Day Predictions

This year we reprised our election project to predict the outcomes of the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections. We are proud to report that we correctly predicted the winners, and were within a... Read More

Election Results

Election Day Spoiler Alert: We Won!

You’ve heard of the raw foods movement? Well, we here at SurveyMonkey are officially launching the raw data movement. We're pleased to announce that our Internet poll successfully predicted the winners of the gubernatorial... Read More

Research & Data

Internet Polling: Welcome to the Future

Last year, we ran a project during the 2012 presidential election that successfully predicted that Barack Obama would win his bid for election over Mitt Romney. This year, we decided to see if we... Read More

Survey Science

The N/A Answer Choice: When It’s Good To Use & When It’s Not

Imagine this. You're a product engineer for an automobile company; you've just finished designing the latest lineup of cars (congrats!) and now you need to figure out how to market your new brand to... Read More


Survey Shortcuts Are a Waste of Time

“Short cuts make long delays.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring Shortcuts definitely have their appeal. But when you use them in surveys it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Here are three of the most common... Read More


Order Matters: Don’t Let it Get In Your Way

Pop quiz! Read this list of words quickly: pen, airplane, shell, butter, duct, blueberry, wrapper, zebra Now cover the list with your hand. Now list all of the words you remember. If you’re like most people, you’ve remembered... Read More

Inspired? Create your own survey.

Inspired? Create your own survey.