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Heartbleed: A Note From SurveyMonkey

On April 7, 2014, researchers disclosed a vulnerability in a technology called OpenSSL that powers encryption across much of the internet. The vulnerability is commonly known as the “OpenSSL Heartbleed Flaw.” Our team took immediate... Read More

Survey Tips!

How to Remind Survey Respondents with the Email Invitation Collector

So there you are...It’s Monday morning. Coffee's in hand, computer's fired up. You excitedly open up your SurveyMonkey account to view the responses that have filled up your Analyze page over the weekend. You're... Read More

Ask a Survey Expert

How Do I Prevent Respondents from Skipping My Survey Questions?

Dear Survey Expert, I was checking out my survey responses and I see that a number of questions are showing as having been skipped by my survey respondents. I’ve made all of my questions required,... Read More

Ask a Survey Expert

How Can I Create 2 Surveys in 1? Ask a Survey Expert!

Dear Survey Expert, Help! I need some of your insider knowledge on how to create the survey I’m putting together. I’m looking to create a single survey in both French and English. Is there a way... Read More

Survey Tips!

How to Customize Your Survey’s Theme

Whether you’re revamping your kitchen or planning a party, choosing a sweet theme is sure to make the experience a treat for folks. The same is true when it comes to designing your survey.... Read More


Help! I Can’t Login To My Account

You’ve tried it all. Your mom's birthday...your favorite color...your pet’s name...the year you graduated college, and still--FAIL. You can't login to your SurveyMonkey account! We’ve all been there and we know how frustrating that can... Read More

What Do Men Really Think About Sex?

Glamour Magazine’s Sex & Love Survey

  Glamour used SurveyMonkey to get the dirt on what men really think about sex and love!... Read More

Inspired? Create your own survey.

Inspired? Create your own survey.