Ultra-fast ad testing to ensure your campaigns are right on target

Your ad testing is easier than ever with our SurveyMonkey Audience panel.

Ad campaigns are a big effort and spend. Ad testing sets you on the right track before launch, with no expensive re-dos.

Listen to your target market before your campaign goes live and choose the right message in the right tone for the right audience.

With our global panel, you can test your ads with consumers in over 130 countries and see the first results roll in in minutes.

Ad testing lets you show your target market multiple versions of your concepts to predict in-market effectiveness. You will know which version:

  • is more relevant to your audience
  • is more believable
  • generates a stronger intent to buy

And with a truly global panel, SurveyMonkey Audience helps you know how your campaign will resonate in many different markets.

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Testing early and testing often throughout the ad development process is the surest path to campaign success. SurveyMonkey Audience is the fast, cost-effective research solution that keeps pace with you.

Deciding between a couple different concepts for your campaign? See what matters most to your target market.

Figure out which messaging or claims explain your product best and convince people to buy it.

Test design mockups and storyboards before sinking money into costly production.

Before expanding your campaign to international markets, make sure your ads are relevant there too.

Once your ads are out in the wild, see if they’re moving the needle by tracking brand awareness.

Use our targeting options and screening questions. (And you can also target by DMA.)

You'll watch your results from over 130 countries roll in in a matter of minutes.

You can embed video, images, gifs, and text into our ad testing survey templates.

Use our randomization options for questions, pages, or blocks of pages to get the most reliable results

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Select your target audience by demographics, consumer behavior, geography, and more.

Launch projects automatically and on your schedule. Monitor them 24/7.

Watch your results roll in and turn your insights into action fast!

Make sure your ad is a winner with fast responses from your target audience.

Brand tracking

Measure and track brand performance metrics like brand awareness, favorability, conversion, and loyalty.

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Product development

Be an expert at product innovation by testing concepts early on in your development process.

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Content creation

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