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Now you can add more people to focus on analyzing results in your SurveyMonkey team

Now you can add more people to focus on analyzing results in your SurveyMonkey team

The best thing about going to an ice cream parlor is that you can choose the different flavors and number of scoops that you want in your ice cream cone. You want more scoops of the pistachio? Done. You want fewer scoops of vanilla? Done. You can build your ice cream cone your way. Just as you can build your favorite ice cream cone your way, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of Contributor seats, a new plan “flavor” addition to SurveyMonkey team plans so you can build the best survey team your way!

Contributor seats come in bundles of 2 and are perfect for teammates and stakeholders who only want to analyze data and not create or send surveys. Contributor seats are a great lower cost way to add additional people to dig into the data, enabling your team to make greater impact. We’ve added Contributor seats as a direct response to requests from our customers for more flexible ways to add more users. 

Analysts in Contributor seats have full access to the analysis features of team plans, which means they can create dashboards, filter results, and export data—saving you time and helping your team to get to insights faster. If you’re a SurveyMonkey team Admin, Contributor seats are a great way to get the right people involved in your survey projects, while paying only for the features each person needs. 

In addition to Contributor seats, you can continue to add additional Full Users to your plan if you want to give more people access to the full team plan features, which include designing, sharing, and sending surveys. 

We designed Contributor seats with flexibility in mind because not everyone needs full access to plan features. For example, an organization may have a team plan for HR managers as Full Users, so they can create, send, and analyze surveys. The organization may also need to add departmental stakeholders to fill Contributor seats, so they can filter responses for their department and analyze open-ended responses to identify targeted areas for improvement.

We’ve built a page to help you decide which roles should be on your survey team based on company size and use case. Check it out!

Here are some quick benefits to consider about Contributor seats:

  • You can bring the right people into your survey projects and give them access to features that make most sense to their roles
  • You can design and redesign the team to fit your project needs
  • You get the right eyes on the data
  • Your organization pays only for the features each team member needs
  • Team members can work more easily together and separately 

If you’re a team Admin, and you’re interested in adding Contributor seats to your team plan, learn more in our Help Center article about adding and managing users

We also have ready-made templates that you can customize to send to your colleagues and find out who needs a SurveyMonkey account. Use the results to help you build the best survey team for your organization. 

Use this template if you don't yet have a SurveyMonkey plan but would like to ask who in your organization might also want an account.

And use this template if you are a team Admin and would like to find out who else in your organization would like an account.

And of course, you can learn more about team plans and Contributor seats on our pricing page. 

Enjoy creating your perfect ice cream cone!

Now you can add more contributors to your SurveyMonkey team plan to focus on analyzing results. Get to insights faster!