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NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll: election confidence falls

NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll:  election confidence falls

In just the last week, the number of Democrats and Democratic leaners who say they have confidence that the November election will be conducted in a fair and equal way has fallen by nine percentage points, from 53% to 44%, according to NBC News and SurveyMonkey’s weekly tracking poll. Confidence has also slipped just slightly among independents, but held steady among Republicans and GOP leaners in the same time period. Last week, Democrats were the only group by party among whom a majority expressed confidence that the elections would be held in a fair and equal way. 

This week, 87% of Democrats and Democratic leaners say they favor changing the election laws to allow everyone to vote by mail, including 66% who say they “strongly favor” this move. A majority of independents (62%) but just 23% of Republicans and GOP leaners say they support this change to the election laws. These numbers are nearly unchanged from last week.

As Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden floats the idea of a national mask mandate, seven in 10 people, including 88% of Democrats, 73% of independents, and 50% of Republicans, already say they wear a mask “every time” they leave home and may be in contact with other people. Another 10% of Democrats, 16% of independents, and 23% of Republicans wear a mask “most of the time” they leave home.

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