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Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: millennials and finances

Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: millennials and finances

Just over half (56%) of millennials (18-34 year olds) rate themselves as being “Extremely” or “very” responsible when it comes to their spending habits and managing their finances, much lower than the oldest generations (80% of those ages 70+). 

Millennials were the harshest critics of policies created and actions taken by Baby Boomers because if the impact on their generation. Fully 51 percent of millennials said Boomers’ actions made things worse for this young cohort. Very few millennials believe Boomers made things better (13%) for their generation. Similarly, more Gen X’ers think Boomers made things worse for them than made things better (42% worse,  19% better). Even Baby Boomers themselves are almost evenly split in thirds on their generation’s perceived impact-- 32% “better," 30% “worse," 34% “no difference.” 

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Question text:
How responsible are you when it comes to managing your spending habits and finances?
Do you think policies and actions undertaken by the Baby Boomer generation made things better, worse, or haven't made much of a difference for your generation?