Assess employee burnout, loyalty, workplace climate, possible training ideas, and more.

Ensuring that your employees are happy is crucial to enabling your organization’s success. Our expert-certified employee satisfaction survey template (otherwise known as our staff satisfaction survey template) can help you measure your team’s satisfaction across different areas, from discovering their favorite parts of their job, to identifying workplace issues they’d like to see changed.

Use our staff satisfaction survey to address any of the following scenarios:

  • Your organization is experiencing high employee turnover.
  • Employees are noticeably less productive and engaged in their job (e.g. coming into work late, missing deadlines, etc.).
  • You see an influx of negative comments on employee-review sites, like Glassdoor.
  • There’s low attendance in company-wide meets and at off-site company events.

The list can go on and on, and can look different, depending on the organization. When in doubt, use our staff satisfaction survey to better understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Better yet, customize the questions in our staff satisfaction survey. That way, you’ll collect even more nuanced responses, specific to your organization.

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